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A Feminine Cosmology in Form of a Deck of Cards

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The work presented here consists of a deck of 88 cards and a book explaining the cards and the system of the deck. The artwork for the cards and the system were channeled by the Living Goddess from May 2004 until July 2006.

The deck is expressivly made for women as a massive counterweight to todays male-dominated society with her history of a male-dominated religion and a caste of male-priests that teaches subtly but relentlessly the devaluation of human kind in general and the devaluation of woman in the very particular.

The deck is neither a new rendering of the Tarot nor is it another deck of oracle cards, although it can be used for readings. It then may change the concepts woman has about herself and about her position in the grand scheme of creation.

The deck and the book are an illustrated cosmology that explains the world we live in from the feminie point of view in a holistic, logical, and scientifically correct version.

It also shows the possibilities of a woman-dominated ideal society with a woman-dominated religion that focusses on a Living Goddess who represents the whole biological creation on planet Earth. Therefore the work also belongs to the genre Utopia with a science fiction touch.

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