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Explanation of the Cards and the System

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In the Name of the Goddess

Neithard Horn

AboraMana, Goddess of Life

The Goddess Updated 2006

The Myth of AboraMana

Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty

is dedicated to all Women on Planet Earth

Updated January 2007

CopyRight 2007 Neithard Horn

Kapa'a, Kaua'i, Hawai'i


AboraMana is the total sum of Biological Life on Planet Earth imagined, perceived, and interacted with as a Goddess with a distinct personality and history. She is that mysterious Energy we call Life, and we see every individual Living Being, be it bacteria, plant, bird, fish, animal, human, as one of Her many Children.

ABORA is the Energy of Life in the language of the extinct indigenous Arehucas of the island La Palma Canarias. Those people lived in matriarchy, family chains were matrilinear and they perceived the Energy of Life as a Female Power.

MANA is the Energy of Life in the language of the indigenous people of the Islands of Hawaii. Because they live in a patriarchy Mana is perceived as a Male Power.

The name AboraMana suggests the balance of the Female and Male Power in the whole Biological Creation, but we see the Female Power as the Source of everything that lives, procreates and dies. She is a woman because all Biological Life comes to Life through the Woman, the Mother.

AboraMana's official title is GODDESS of LIFE, LOVE, and BEAUTY.

She is also called OUR MOTHER WITHOUT NAVEL, because She Herself has no mother.

As the HORNED GODDESS She is the GODDESS OF FERTILITY AND ABUNDANCE. The horns stand for the cow as the symbol of tranquility and motherhood and for the crescents of the waning and the waxing moon.

In the Dark Nights She becomes the GODDESS OF THE BLACK MOON and dominates the night sky by Her absence or non-visibility. She stands for Emotional Wisdom; the snake is Her symbol.

In Her form as serpent She is the CHAOS-GODDESS - the moment the Primordeal Soup exploded into Life with infinite possibilities open. The serpent also stands for the female sexuality.

She is the FOUNTAIN OF THE POWER OF LOVE, because her beauty fills Humans with love; and because God the Creator, the cool engineer, became the All-loving Father through Her love

She is honored in four forms, one for each of the Four Elemental Houses, Air, Fire, Water, Stone.

As the Goddess in the House of Water she is called

Lilith AboraMana

Goddess of Life Love and Beauty

Goddess of Fertility and Abundance

Fountain of the Power of Love

Our Mother Without Navel

The rose is the sign of Her suit in the Deck; the rose is beauty, red is love, and the green leaves are life.

Biographical Notes

Since this work - Deck and Script - focus on a Supreme Being, God and Goddess, and our relation to them; and since the goal of the work is to make this society a better society by spiritual and artistic means, it is a religious work - it was given to me to pass it on to you in the form of a religion - without my intention.

Please don't hold me responsible for what is revealed in the Deck. The Goddess gave the visions of the Cards to me, She revealed the System of the Deck to me, She writes the Script for me; it is HER work - I do nothing except listen to Her and do what She tells me to do.

And just like you I keep asking: Why did the Goddess choose me, a male, to speak up for Her and womankind?

There are probably many reasons but only one really makes sense to me:

The work is filled with erotic and sex as the highest expression of Life. Erotic and sex work best between opposite sexes. I love my Goddess so much more because I am a man and She is a woman. And She knows it and She reveales Herself ever more to me, like a woman undressing for her man.

When I talk about how the vision of the Deck came to me maybe I should better say:

I remember the images of the cards and the system of the deck, because my memories of the world where this Deck is a daily reality are so vivid and detailed and coherent, and I have them since such a long time, that I might as well accept that my memories are not just the product of my overflowing imagination.

The myth intruduced here comes from my home planet which is separated from planet Earth not by space, but by time. As far as I could understand the explanations when I was recruited for my current mission, Earth and my home planet are travelling on the same lane of the time highway - our planet behind Earth. Because Earth is slowing down - for reasons unknown to us, because our planet keeps her timing close to perfect - our planet one day is bound to crash into Earth from behind - again: not in Space/Matter, but in Time. Since I am only a Master of History, Human Sciences, and Fine Arts I must admit that I have no understanding of TimePhysics, so I can't explain it better.

I was recruited to be sent to Earth to observe the behavior of her inhibitants without filters, and to record the observed as an unaltered copy, while living the ordinary life of a Human Male in the Western Society of the 20/21 Century Western TimeReckoning. As a disguise I wear the mask of being an artist. You might as well call me a spy - except that I am not under cover and nothing about me is kept secret. I even give you my record to read - before my Authorities see it.

On my return - which will happen when my EarthBody dies - I am to submit the copy of the observed to my Authorities. At present time I am in the Observe/Record Mode of my mission.

In my world I live in our capital city AtlantaCaldera which is divided within the geological and geomantic parameters into Four Quarters, each for one of the Four Elemental Houses: Air, Fire, Water, and Stone. Each quarter has a cathedral for AboraMana, Goddess of Life Love and Beauty. Her oldest cathedral is a cave in the WaterQuarter, or FishermanQuarter, which is also the quarter where I live, when I am not living on planet Earth.

As a member of the WaterQuarter I honor AboraMana in Her appearance as the Goddess of Life in the House of Water and communicate with Her as Lilith AboraMana.

By reason of my advanced age, some obvious malfunctions of my TimeMachine back home, and my nearly obsessive love for my Goddess as Lilith AboraMana I do not remember Her names in the other three Elemental Houses.

Apropos TimeMachine:

That is naturally not the proper name. I just call it so because I can't grasp the acronym it's inventors invented for it.

In my case it is a mighty flotation tank, totally depriving any sensory input - but a zillion brightly colored wires running in and out, and a zillion brightly colored lights flashing on and off, and a zillion sweet little noises humming - as I perceived when I entered the room with that machine. Whether I was given drugs to alter my State of Mind I do not know; I certainly was given a medicin that shitted my body completly empty.

And in that salty lukewarm sud my body floats, ticking along just fine without me, and here I am, in another body, in another world ...

Mistake me not:

I was beamed into the body I call my EarthBody the moment my EarthMother's egg opened to one of my EarthFather's seeds. The timing was perfect, I must admit.

I was conceived, carried, and born like any other Human on Planet Earth. I was brought up and educated like any average boy in this society. I live the Life of a Male Human Being, and I will die a Human Being's Death, no way out.

Anyway, the Deck of Cards I introduce here is one of our Holy Scriptures and every person owns at least one Deck in one of the many editions painted by different artists throughout the centuries. One Deck is given by the High Priestess to every newborn baby at the Ceremony of Introduction Into Society. We consider the Deck as a Book of Lessons to be learned. Some people use it for divining, children gamble with them for small coins, and in school it is used to clarify the Human position in respect to the Planet we live on, and in respect of the grand scheme of things in general.

Since I am a MasterWithoutSeat in the Guild of Artists and Artisans in the WaterQuarter I was permitted to create my own Deck. Within the fast bound rules of the iconography of our Holy Scriptures every artist is free to create whatever he likes.

For example, a painting of the Goddess as AboraMana in the House of Water must have an octopus (or Sunfish as we call them) somewhere in the picture, because the Sunfish is Her Holy Animal in the House of Water, just as the butterfly or the colibri is Her Holy Animal in the House of Air, or the scarab in the House of Stone.

For my Deck I used many of the sketches I drew when I traveled all the Inner Islands and most of the Outer Islands on government mission. This makes my Deck quite unique because, generally speaking, the men of AtlantaCaldera don't like to travel.

Many of the ideas I show in the deck are well known to Humans, because they were channeled from my world to spiritually advanced women and men on planet Earth. But to my disappointment I find that most of them are misunderstood, or wrongly interpreted, or falsified with malevolent intent - by whom and for what reason is unknown to us. (Part of my mission is to find answers to that question.)

To explain what I mean I give you some examples:

On Earth - created by the Jewish Tradition - Lilith is seen as the first wife of Adam, who married Eve when Lilith fled into the desert because she did not want to play the passive role in her relationship with Adam ("... she did not want to lay under him, and he did not want to lay under her ...", as the Legend intones). Later she became a children-eating demon and a mother of demons and a wholesale disgusting entity, who gave Eve the infamous apple and thus doomed all humankind to eternal destruction.

The Truth is:

Lilith is the name of AboraMana as the FirstBorn in the House of Water. Lilith means Serpent, or Snake as the AnimalSpirit of Intuitiv Wisdom. It also means Deep, as in Profound, or Deep as the Deepest Recesses of the Sea.

You'll also find that I changed the beloved melody of Air - Fire - Water - EARTH to the correct form of Air - Fire - Water - STONE, because the Elemental Houses were created BEFORE the creation of Life.

Earth is either the name of the Planet we live on, or it means soil or humus or mother-earth were plants can grow in, and humus contains a lot of plant- and animal-matter, living or dead, and they are AboraMana's children.

CityPeople generally say only Lilith when they mean the Goddess. To make things more complicated they say also only Lilith when they mean the Chairwoman of the Great Council, whose full title is Lilith Yggdrasil. Yggdrasil means: Old Tree that Roots in the Earth and Carries the Sky.

Later, if I find the time, I'll tell you more about the world I had to leave to fulfill my mission on planet Earth.

The basic LayOut using all Cards of the Deck


00. Zero

The All-including Truth

The Jokers

0X Fate

0Y The WarriorGoddess

First Plane

The Hall of God

The Matrix that is the Human Soul

Second Plane

The Science of Physics

The Pillars of the Universe and Time

Third Plane

Magic Physics

The Elemental Houses

Fourth Plane

The Science of Biology

Life - Death


Fifth Plane

Magic Biology

Devi and Deva

Sixth Plane

Human Kind

FirstWoman and FirstMan

Seventh Plane

The Temple

Religion and Ceremony

Eighth Plane


Who are you? Define yourself.

Explanation of the Cards and the System

00. Zero, the Diamond of Total Truth

the Absolute, Total, All-Including Truth

the Supreme Being

the Philosopher's Stone as an idea, a philosophical concept

beyond all questions and answers

beyond all explanations and descriptions

can't be talked about, but can be experienced at the moment of total enlightment. The Clear Blue Light in the Tibetan Book of the Dead, or the Great Emptiness of Zen seen in the moment of Satori have about the same meaning.

This card is placed above all other cards and stands alone. Whatever you play with the deck, the Zero-Card is set apart on a good visible spot, to always remind you that everything you consider as true is a part - but only a part - of the All-Including Truth.

The Diamond of Total Truth is shown as a heptagon, where every corner is connected with every other corner to show the cosmic net, where every phenomen influences every other phenomen. Each of the facettes thus formed is one part of the Total Truth - and because it is the All-Including Truth, you are a part of it, too.

The small heptagon in the center of the big heptagon (which appears by itself during the process of drawing the Diamond) is your specific private window through which you look at that part of the All-Including Truth you understand and consider as true.

Every single person on planet Earth has her own private window just like you - groups of people are united by the congruence of their individual private windows - and all of us look at the same All-Including Truth.

Around the Diamond lies the Empty Space of Creation, the White Chaos, the world of fleeting ideas and ideals, chains of thinking and intuitive daydreams, the fountain every inspired artist draws from, an emotional and mental universe where everything is possible but nothing is real. The Deck in your hands comes without filter straight from there.

The square in the circle shows the principle of dualism, in which we live on planet Earth and which we can't change. When we understand the energy of dualism and stop wanting to overcome it, we can learn to love it and to use it to our personal and social advantage as a woman or man, young or old, during the day and the night, in good days and in bad - in our down-to-earth daily reality.

The double snail shows the constant moving world, which always stays the same, even when the outside appearances change.

The rainbow colored stand shows the Ray of Creation, which starts at the source and goes on through all planes, till it ends on the human plane, (and there it ends at You) which it is the last level of creation. That means, that you are the youngest child of creation, and that again means, that you should respect all the plants and animals as our elder sisters and brothers, and all the oceans and mountains as the base where your sisters and brothers and you stand on.

The deck does not show below-human levels of creation, no worlds of devils or demons and no hell, because they do not exist as a part of God's and AboraMana's creation. Our Shamanas found by experience, that they are an entirely human creation, called into existence and kept alive by humans who believe in them and feed them with their emotional energy.

+ Source: The card shows one of the sacred instruments on the main altar of AboraMana's oldest cathedral in our capital city. In similar form it stands on every altar in every chapel or temple or church of every creed and sect on our planet. Part of the celebration of Holy Days always is a lecture about the Zero-Card. For that reason we never had missionaries, fanatics, or religious motivated wars, and we never felt entitled to destroy other cultures or to kill or enslave someone who called the Supreme Being and the Members of the Spiritual Universe by different names and worshipped Them in a different way.

Crystal and the shell of a double-snail on a stand of colored glass, ca. 36 inches high.

0Y1 - 0Y3 Fate

Schicksal in German; literally: That what has been sent to you by Higher Powers; (schicken = to send; sal has it's roots in Seele or Soul and refers to the Spiritual Universe)

Kismet in Arab.

Also titled: The Invisible Hands of Fate

Fate works on the Material Plane only. It is that what happens to you in your daily realities and in your life in general, and for that you are objectively not responsible. It is not Karma, it is not destiny, it is the stone falling down on you while you are on a leisurly stroll.

The Spinner, the Weaver and the Cutter are three ancient sisters dwelling in a cave between the roots of the Tree-of-Life Yggdrasil. They are seen as older than Gods, because Gods are victims of Fate, too.

0X1 The Spinner spins your talents, your abilities, your knowledge into one strong thread

0X2 The Weaver works it into the fabric of human society

0X3 The Cutter lets you end this particular thread of your Fate to make you free for another Thread of Fate.

The Spinner also symbolizes Endlessness

The Weaver uses you as a knot in the net of human relationships

The Cutter also means release and freedom

0Y2 The Weaver

callenges you to become part of the Fabric to make it stronger and more beautiful

Interaction with people: How you react and act with the people you "accidentally" meet

The rainbow colors of the fabric show you that Fate has to be accepted as a gift given to you by Powers Greater than you to help you to become what you really are. That attitude for a Heavy Burden of Fate makes it easier to carry.

0Y3 The Cutter

represents Things Done or a Thread of Fate Fulfilled. Giving birth is Cutting Loose for both the mother and the child.

The Cutter has very little to do with the death of your material body. She symbolizes more the death of your fixed preconcepts and prejudices, she also means letting loose of people and of possessions.

0X1 - 0X4 The WarriorGoddess

Jokers, or Wild Cards, called the Corner Stones

your Fighting Spirit

0Y4 Sphinga is Patience

0Y3 Minataura is Perseverance

0Y2 Kentoura is Flexibility

0Y1 Gryffa is Recklessness

Action with the goal to stop an aggressor's aggression. The action varies from mild to extreme violence, as the occasion demands.

Fight for your rights when they are denied to you - don't fear opposition. Also: Over-reaction to imagined aggression

The WarriorGoddess is very old, nobody worshippes Her anymore. Today students of martial art use the four aspects of Her as sign, siglum, and symbol of their Order.

+ Since when the WarriorGoddess is sacro sanct part of the Deck is unknown.

+ They are called the CornerStones because they occupy the four corners of our three-dimensional chess and they are the most versatile of all pieces.

+ In the Deck they act as PlaceHolders for You. You can place them where ever you want, and at that place they represent you.

+ Some studies claim that they also represent the Three Pillars of the Universe and Time. The most accepted order is:

Gryffa = Space

Kentoura = Energy

Minataura = Matter

Sphinga = Time

+ Source: Copy of the only complete Set of an antique Deck in our Central Library. Woodcut, light ink-wash on card paper. Time of origin unknown, not dated, no signature.

First Plane

The Hall of God

The Matrix that is the Human Soul

Since we talk about God we have to talk about religion:

To tell a story you have to invent persons that act out the story. Persons have limitations in their mental structure, called Blind Spot. Without blind spots on the side of the actors no story would be possible, because a story revolves around problems created by blind spots, and their solutions. All-mightiness and All-knowledge don't allow for problems because there is no blind spot, so there is no need to act to find a solution of a problem caused by a blind spot, so there is no story to tell.

Since the very beginning Humans tell each other stories about Goddesses and Gods and other members of the spiritual universe interacting with Humans in their daily life on the material plane.

If you tell a story often enough it solidifies and becomes more and more a Truth of Reality.

Around that mentally created Solid Reality they build rituals and ceremonies and a cast of priests, and a so-called religion emerges out of nowhere and occupies large spaces in the Mental Room of a Believer.

It is also the habit of Humans to see their particular, artificially created Goddess/God as the OnlyOneTrueGod.

There IS a Supreme Being independent of Humans, which is not a construct of a Human mind, there is no doubt about that, as explained with the Zero-Card, where it says: Can't be talked about, but can be experienced.

When Humans forget that they "can't talk about it", and start adorning the Supreme Being with Human traits, acting out stories like Humans would, they leave the realm of the Supreme Being and enter the realm of Goddesses and Gods.

Since Gods are a creation of the Human mind, they are finite and depend on their believers: Prosperous believers make prosperous Gods - with the disappearance of the last believer the God dies, or at least goes into hibernation. That happened to SunGod Ra, that happened to GodFather Wotan, MoonGoddess Selene, LoveGoddess Aphrodite and many others.

The only survivors in the Battle of The Gods, acted out by their believers, is the Christian God and the Moslim God. There are other Goddesses and Gods still alive, living in the margins, at least in this part of the world. Moshe's God is still going pretty strong, because He draws strenght out of the alias He planted into the Christian God Image.

As said before: The more devoted believers a God has, the stronger He grows and thus a strong God can give more of His strength to the believers. Moshe's God didn't wipe out the Goddesses and Gods of Kana'an because He was a so much nicer guy, but because His believers were a highly trained and beweaponed killer-force with nothing equal in far sight.

The Jewish-Christian God did not win the battle over many other Gods, and achieved a pretty dangerous stale mate with the Moslim God because He was more true than the other Gods, but because His Believers always had the better weapons, and they were always eager to use them for their God against His (and their) enemies.

There are two kinds of Gods, there are the Old Gods and there are the New Gods. The Old Gods are the Gods of Nature, which means the Male and the Female Aspects are pretty well balanced. They represent Rain, or Vulcanoes, or Death, or Fertility, and so on. AboraMana is an Old Goddess.

Moshe, the Leader of the Children of Israel, tried to invent an abstract God, which didn't quite work, because Humans are visual beings, they need and they always make images that represent That-Which-is-Without-Image. This is an un-erasable part of the ReligionMatrix of Humans.

Moshe made his God purely male, with not a fraction of female, which again didn't work because Humans live in the dual world of woman and man, and they know it, and they basically love it.

That means: Moshe tried to take the ReligionMatrix out of the Emotional Body and re-plant it in the Mental Body, which does not work, because the ReligionMatrix is an organ of the Emotional Body and not of the Mental Body. In the Mental Body the ReligionMatrix whithers to near-death.

The only explanation of how Moshe came to that Idea of an Abstract Male God, is that this God told him.

Moshe's God is the oldest of the New Gods - his God is the source of the Christian God and the source of the Moslim God, although both hate to admit that.

Moshe's God runs a tight ship, just like Moshe had to run a tight ship as he transformed the Children of Israel from an unruly mob of shepherds into the strongest fighting army of that time, consisting of a nation on the move, armed to the teeth, united by One God and God's Only True Prophet Moshe, and the people have a common goal to achieve in the Name of God under the leadership of Moshe.

Moshe's God joins Forces with Moshe the Prophet, which makes the job of Moshe the Leader so much easier.

Since Gods are a construct of the Human Mind, the understanding of the character of the God is the key to understanding the character of his Believers.

And: Since the God of a believer is as real to the believer as the believer is real to himself, the God's character re-inforces the character of the believer until the combined forces of a Human and his God are strong enough to turn Objective Wrong into Right because GOD said so.

Objective Wrong is a Transgression against the First Law of Social Behavior: Don't give what you don't want for yourself.

The more you believe in a God the more real He becomes to you, and your God does exactly what you believe Him to do - True Belief is a tremendous Creative Energy with the ability to turn Emotional and Mental Images into three-dimensional solid things.

You believe God outside of you and He'll be outside of you. You believe Him violent He will be violent. He becomes and is whatever you believe Him into. But this is utterly hidden to Humans, they still believe that Gods are Outside Independent Forces. They are known as Blind Believers and generally considered as pretty dangerous.

There is nothing wrong with believing in Gods as a Seeing Believer, contrarily: to believe in a Spiritual Universe enriches the Emotional Bodies of Humans and their societies by transforming the belief into works of art, rituals and ceremonies, not for self-celebration, but for celebration of something GreaterThanYourself.

Choosing one God out of many as a focus for your wish to honor the PowersGreateThanYou, for a Human never to comprehend, is a free decision.

The question is only:

Which of the available Gods and the system the believers built around the God in times past, allow for a

Human Being

Most Beloved Being Self Aware

Endowed (with) Knowledge (of)

Good (and) Evil (and) Free Decision

(without) Fear of Punishment (or) Hope of Reward

Supreme Being's Hologram

All the stories about the interaction of Godesses/Gods and Humans are told to explain the world and the Human position in it, with the intent to influence the life of the individual and the individual's conduct within society. So here is another story:

01. God - The Big Bang

We call our MaleGod Abbadam, which is the shortening of Abba Adam. It means: Father of Adam (Abba = Father, in the sense of Daddy).

It also means:

The Source of the analytical mind of male part of humanity (generally speaking)

The card is also called the BIG BANG as a concession to the scientific male point of view. But whenever you ask: WHO made the Big Bang and WHAT did bang big, science is at a loss with the empty promise that sooner or later they'll find out.

The creative energy of the analytical mind, perceived as a male person with personal characteristica and traits.

He is seen as the cool engineer, the precise calculator, the builder, the mason. He is the creator of the Universe of Physics: Space, Matter, Energy, and Time, i. e. planet Earth without the biological Life, within the solar system and as far out as we can reach with our instruments.

The Source of the Energy of Life. Our theological scientist haven't decided yet, whether God knowingly blew part of his energy into his Universe of Physics to create Life, or whether the interaction of Matter, Space, and Energy during Time created Life out of itself

Others say, Life came to planet Earth as StarSeed, when a chunk of another, Life-bearing planet hit Earth

We don't really care, because we think it is not important to find out what actually happened, but it is very important to us that through Life - through AboraMana - the cool engineer learned to how to love, through the love of AboraMana He became the unconditional All-Loving Father. The Love of God the Father and the Love of Goddess the Mother holds together the whole Universe and is the only driving force for Life on Earth.

This card asks you to become and stay aware of the difference between Abbadam's Creation, and AboraMana's Creation, and the Creation of Man.

The card shows the Diamond of Total Truth behind the male triangle of God Abbadam. That means that God Abbadam is like any other God part of the Total Truth.

Below the triangle we see the tools necessary to build and construct a universe, be it a house or a cosmos: The scale is the moving female horizontal line and the plumb is the static male vertical line. The scale also shows the perfectly balanced dualism we live in, and it shows the sacred gift of free decision without hope of reward or fear of punishment.

The dualism of the scale is repeated in the compass, where one point holds the center and the other point draws the circle. The holding point is female and the drawing point is male, because every positive male activity is motivated by female energy.

The right angle with the measurements is the perfect instrument to divide a circle into four equal parts, which are also the four quarters of our planet's surface. The four right angles are male and they divide the perfect circle, which is female.

+ Source: Label of the Book of Geometrics used in our Public Schools.

The Pillars of God's Throne

also called "God's Glory"

02. Serapha


Objectivity, Impartiality

Seeing with the Third Eye: Being able to visualize what exists but can't be seen with the material eyes.

To visualize: The process of building a three-dimensional moving color picture in your mind and to hold it there as long as you want.

Seeing with the material eyes: Being able to see the visible things as pattern, color patches, and forms without meaning. Seeing without interpreting or explaining the seen. This ability is important for objectivity. It can and should be trained, especially by visual artists, but is a very rewarding ability for everyone, because it inhibits preconceptions and help you to see things as they really are.

Pairs with CHERUBA for the set: Who are you? Define Yourself, asking: Is your attention more on looking?

She was created after God created the Three Pillars of Universe and Time came into being. Time started destroying the throne of God, so he was forced to create a pillar to save his throne: Serapha.

Serapha has a halo in the colors of the day, her half sister Cheruba has a halo in the colors of the night, both together show the rainbow, the spectrum of colors visible to the human eye. The colors of the rainbow are a mystical energy, manifest on the solid material plane for everyone to see. You can touch the rain, the sunlight touches you, but you can't touch the colors of the rainbow and there is not one human being whose emotional body is not moved in a positive way at the sight of a rainbow.

In the Deck the rainbow symbolizes the Spiritual Universe, the world of angels, power-animals, spiritual leaders, advanced masters, etc. One Legend tells, that Abbadam dedicated the rainbow to his Most Beloved AboraMana, when He for the first time heard a HumpbackWhale singing.

+ Source: Light on the main altar in Lilith AboraMana's cathedral, AtlantaCaldera. Translucent glass, gold, ca 30 inches high.

03. Cheruba

Sound, lit.: Song of Nature

Music, which is structured sound made by humans

She is is also abused as noise made by man which is not music

Listen with your material ears

Listen with your third ear

Pairs with SERAPHA for the set Who are you? Define Yourself, asking: Is your attention more on listening?

Meditation part one - Goal: Activating your Third Ear.

As a session of meditation listen attentive and focussed to noises of nature, doing nothing else. Avoid noises created by man, music too.

According to the Old Teachers the most beneficial noises are: Slow wind in the desert or a forest, surf on a reef or against a cliff, secluded creeks and waterfalls, rain.

It might be possible that you can't find clean natural noises in your daily run, but you soon will learn to blend out noises made by man, as long as they are not too intruding.

Discover the musik in the noises. Memorize the musik your hear by humming with it, first mentally, then materially. Repeat the musik until it is your personal ear worm. Listen to your Third Ear for the words fitting the musik. Create a song and sing it always.

(Carlos Castaneda's Don Juan calls this your PowerSong and here is one way to find it.)

Meditation part two - Goal: Activating your Material Ears.

Listen attentive and focussed to Music. The best musik for this meditation is still Toccata und Fugue in D-minor by J. B. Bach to stimulate the male part of your Emotional Body, classic Indian sitar music is best for the female part of your Emotional Body. For pure emotion the violin concertos of Beethoven are best.

Without God Abbadam's planning or knowing, Cheruba came into existence, when He created the Three Pillars of Universe, because the Second Law of Creation is: "When Energy drives Matter through Space Sound will come into Being."

Cheruba has two parts. The first part comes out of the universe of physics, the second part comes from the universe of AboraMana.

The Legend tells:

"When AboraMana created the Living Beings, She taught Her children to sing, and since then all Living Beings sing songs to their Mother, and the Living Goddess dedicated the songs of Her children to Her Father, HerOneAndOnlyTrueLover, the Father of Her children."

Abbadam uses Cheruba as another Pillar in Defense against Time. Cheruba, like Time, is a secondary effect out of Space, Matter, and Energy; that is why the two nearly balance out, but only nearly, and that is why Time is seen as the elder of the two sisters. Cheruba can slow Time down, but she can't stop her. Abbadam hoped to bring Time to a stand-still by the creation of Serapha, but even that was not enough.

Serapha and Cheruba, later AboraMana, belong to the race of beings that are one and many at the same time. Their eyes are black, because they see the unveiled Total Truth.

+ Source: Musical instrument in the monastery on the Island of Morea. Different materials, ca. 90 feet high.

The nuns and monks of the monastery built this instrument on the front platform of their temple, which stands high above the sea on a ridge between two valleys. They built funnels into the valleys where they open to the ocean and connected the funnels through long pipes with the copper cettle on the lower part of he instrument. The mostly onshore wind is funneled into the instrument, where it produces so-called natural vibrations and when the wind is right you can hear a very complex music of natural vibration far out over the sea. In fact, when I visited Morea on government mission, I heard the Cheruba long before I could see the island.

To clarify a point: The nuns and monks of Morea love AboraMana just as much as anybody else on our planet, and since She is the Goddess of Love they never practiced celibacy which they consider as one of the most silly notions that can cross the mind of a bodily, mentally and emotionally healthy woman or man. On the contrary, Tantra is one of their religious practices. They are called nuns and monks because the live in a closed compound under pretty strict rules and they devote their lives to the Praise of AboraMana, the search for the Philosophers Stone and the maintenance of the Cheruba.

It is known, that J. S. Bach was closely connected to the Cheruba of Morea, and every musician worth his salt can tap into her.

04. Lucifera

Bearer of Light - Messenger of Truth

The Third Pillar of Abbadam's Throne

Speak free.

Also: Speak truth and teach

She was created after the creation of Human Kind and is sent to us to teach us about the Light. Her golden mask with the twisted horns shows the twisted minds of the unenlightened, but she promises, that the horns and the minds will slowly straighten out with each step towards enlightment. In her left hand she carries the Diamond of Total Truth, in her right hand she carries a vessel with the symbol of flames, which contains scrolls with lectures on the technology how to see the All-Including Truth. In her golden racing boots she hurries through all levels of conciousness and offers the Word of Truth to every sentient being for the taking, because her eyes are closed so she can't see you.

The background of the picture shows a sunlit clearing in a forest to remind you that you can meet her on unexspected places when you are alert and look with clear eyes at the world around you.

She is another example of the twisted truth on planet Earth: First she became the MaleGod Pan with an endless sex-drive, then Hell's Devil with horns and cloven hooves, and totally malevolent intentions towards Human Kind. But she is truly the Bearer of the Divine Light and the Teacher on the Path to Enlightment. Lucifera sent all the great human spiritual teachers to Planet Earth.

+ Source: Mural in the Hall of Ceremonies of the Black Mantilla Sect in the Stone Quarter of Atlanta Caldera. Ca. 12 feet high. Restored by the author before he left home.

The Madre of the Black Mantilla Sect has a vessel with the FlameSymbol in her treasury and told me when I visited her on government mission that it was brought to her by Lucifera-In-Person. The vessel, she claims, contains lectures on the technologies how to find the Philosophers Stone. On my request to see the vessel she refused with the reasoning I couldn't see it anyway. The Madre channeled with Lucifera's permission part of the teachings to the first Japanese Zen-masters, who since then teach Sitting Zen and use the vessel with the flame symbol as crown on their pagodas.

But Sitting Zen is only one of the many technologies, she said. Counting the beads of the rosary, chanting Hare Krishna, or the Spinning of the Dherwish belong to the same set of technologies to see the Total Truth. She said that Sitting Zen is considered the noblest of all technologies, because it is free of religion and any kind of belief, except the belief that it is possible for every Human Being to find the Philosopher's Stone - but you have to go there yourself.

05. Serapha in Action

To serve a Higher Goal

When people forgot whom they owe their lives and existence, Abbadam created a new title and new duties for Serapha: "Defense of the Honor of the Goddess". She is sent to join forces with Lucifera and acts as her body guard.

She moves freely through all levels of consciousness. This is shown by the rainbow colors on the top of the card, which symbolize the universe of the spiritual worlds.

The spiral, the smoke, and the floating spheres of the lower part of the card symbolize the material plane, on which we, as spiritual beings in a material body, live. With the never sleeping eyes on her wings she observes the behavior of human kind and inspires the enlightened ones to try to stop disrespectful behavior of others towards Mother-of-Life and Father-of-Universe.

+ Source: Adapted from a sculpture that crowns a banner for processions in honor of AboraMana. Foto of the sculpture in possession of the author. (Later we'll talk about the other two members of the Hosts of Heaven, your Leading and your Guardian Angel when we explain how we see You.)

Second Plane

The Science of Physics

The Three Pillars of the Universe and Time

06. Planet Earth, Stage One

EARTH: lit. The Planet We Live On. In LaLenguaGalaktica: Every planet that holds Human Life is called Earth - in their different languages and scripts , of course.

Beings are Humans when they are social, are aware of Good and Evil, and enjoy Freedom of Decision

Earth also means: Soil where plants can grow in, i.e. Humus in contrast to bare rock or the sterile sand of the beach.

The layers of Planet Earth from center to outside are:

Fire - Stone - Water - Air - Magnetic Field

Between Fire and Stone is Ashes

Between Stone and Water is Mud

Between Water and Air is Vapor (steam, clouds)

Above Air is Nothing, (or Emptiness}

The Magnetic Field permeats all.

The Magnetic Field is strongest in the Center where the Fire is.

The poles are the entrance and exit points of the magnetic energy into and out of the planet's body. There the Field is densest - along the equator the field is furthest spread out and therefore thinnest and weakest.

Science agreed to call the NorthPole positve and the SouthPole negative and that in our era the magnetic stream runs from north to south. On most planets the magnetic poles are close to the geographic poles, but seldom at the same spot.

The Magnetic Field comes into existence through the friction between the four layers.

The friction comes into being through the difference of the speeds of the layers.

The movement of the layers comes into existence by the spinning of the planet.

The spinning of the planet is a force from the outside.

Because the planet spins and circles in Emptiness there is no friction. Because there is no friction spinning and circling continue for ever.


Although Abbadam took good care to lubricate the layers of the planet to minimize friction and maximize the energetic output of the magnetic field, there is still friction which slows the planet down. This slowing down is the Effect of Time. Since Time is slowing down everywhere in the Cosmos we can't find out in which ratio Time is slowing down.

At this stage of creation planet Earth is a perfect sphere with no wrinkles or protrusions, therefore there are no disturbances in the layers. The boiling Fire in the center is safely contained by the layer of Stone, the layer of Water holds together the layer of Stone by adding pressure. There are no currents in the layer of Water, no storms in the layer of Air, exept those called into existance by the spinning of the planet. The poles and the equator are perfectly aligned to the sun. With very little wobble the planet runs in a nearly perfect circle around the sun. There is no moon. Everything is balanced and in perfect equilibium.

The Law of Chaos says: Where everything is balanced in harmony, there is no change. Change occurs only when harmony is upset.

07. Space

Length, Width, Height

the circle and the square for a flat universe

the cube and the sphere for a three dimensional universe

Limitation, because the First Law of Creation says: "Space must be limited to be a space"

Out-of-Game: Space is the field you play your games in like soccer or tennis. To play a game you first must create a field in which to play, and then you have to give and enforce the First Law of your Field: "Over the boundries of the field is Out-of-Game".

08. Matter

Gases, Liquids, Solid Matter

the Alchimic Houses of Air, Water, and Stone

passive, being driven

Transition: The question where the one ends and the other begins

The background of the card shows the three different matters of our planet, liquids, solid matters, and gases. In the center of the card you find the central point of perspective from her sister Space.

Solid matters, from rocks to dust and of a zillion different materials

Liquids from mud to vapor

Chaos, see: The Chaos-Goddess. She dwells in the mud, in the transition-zone from wet to dry and not even She can say where wet ends and dry begins.

09. Energy

the Alchimic House of Fire

Magnetic plus- and minus-energy, gravity and centrifugal force, static and kinetic electricity, and heat and light as two distinct different forms of energy

Active, driving force

The Legends describe the Three Pillars of Universe as Titanas, which means:

1) they are a direct creation of God out of Himself,

2) they are nearly as old as God and they will be the last ones to die when the universe dissolves,

3) they are seen as sex-less pre-Life women, because sex came into being only later with the rising of AboraMana,

4) they are incredibly strong - they hold our world into the light and they should be treated with respect.

+ Source: Triangular monument in the plains of Mara. Concrete, transparent and translucent glass, ca. 90 feet high, each side of the triangle ca. 35 feet wide.

The three concrete frames form a triangle that is open on top. It is not possible to enter the inside of the triangle, so nobody knows what is inside, as nobody knows when the monument was built. When I visited Mara on government mission, I sat down with my drawing tools to take a picture of the monument. I soon found out that the columns of the frames lean slightly inward and thus create the impression that they are much higher than they actually are. That the monument stands on a lonely grassy hill, shaped like a regular, very low-angled cone, enhances the illusion.

+ Source: The cards show the labels of the first three lectures on the subject of physics in our public schools.

According to the Legends Abbadam first created Space as the three-dimensional field to play in, then He created Matter to have something to play with. Then He created Energy to start and continue the game.

10. Time

The interaction of the Titanas that creates Time also generates Cheruba as a secondary power. That is why Music and Time are closely related, they obey the same basic law of metaphysics. The rhythm of a music is the Passing of Time you can hear, like the ticking of old fashioned clocks, but less mechanical.

Time came into existence without God's intention, actually against His will when he created the Titanas because He was not aware of the Fourth Law of Creation, which is: "When Energy drives Matter through Space Time comes into existence".

Abbadam didn't know that this law exists outside of himself as a part of the Laws of Physics who come into existence as the consequence of creating Space, Matter, and Energy, which means that in the moment of creation he did not see the Total Truth. Otherwise he would have known that he'll get himself into a lot of trouble by creating the Three Pillars of Universe. Or maybe he knew, but he was bored and created for himself something to keep busy; something to joggle around to keep it in balance.

God at that stage of development is not almighty anymore, he has to obey the laws of his creation himself and he is victimized by his own creation. With the first step along the Ray of Creation he lost his almightiness, or his almightiness is no more than his ability to either keep His and AboraMana's creation going or destroy the whole thing, (which he'll never do, because he admires his own work and loves AboraMana dearly, as we believe.)

In the Spiritual Universe something like Time does not exist, because the spiritual universe does not have Matter which appears solid when it comes in contact with other particles of Matter, nor Energy generated by matter, (called Material Energy), nor limited Space, which are the three pre-requisites for the manifestation of Time. But in the Material Universe of Humans on planet Earth Time is a reality. Our life between Now and the Death of our Material Body - parted by Time, our days between sunrise and sunset - parted by Time, our moon-cycle, our music, prove that Time is a reality and teach us how to use Time to our own advantage.

When people say: "This is like Abbadam"s Battle against Time" they mean: Fighting against overwhelming odds; a sure looser; absolutly no hope.

If you are in the unhappy frame of mind to give Time a negative value and thus fighting Abbadam's Battle, ask yourself the following questions and seek a truthful answer:

1) Why do I fear Sister Death - She is parted from me by Time - She surely will come to meet me, but I don't know when.

2) Why do I entertain hopeless anger against grey hair, wrinkles in my face, and sagging breasts - this is an unavoidable Time-process working on my Material Body.

3) Why am I forced to accept the Time-values of the society I live in, and why do I accept being a victim of that force, although I know that this position creates stress for my Mental, Emotional and finally my Material Body.

+ Source: Vessel for Holy Water, used for cleansing rituals. AboraMana's Cathedral in AtlantaCaldera. Giant Abalone shell, diameter ca. 65 inches, carved by an unknown master.

Third plane

Magic Physics

The three sets of the Elemental Houses are very closely interwoven, which makes repetition unavoidable; and what is said about one card is valid - at least in part - for all other cards of the House, too.

First Set: The Gates

11. The Gate of Air


We don't need more artists, we need more inspired art

Spirituality, Nature and Art are One

12. The Gate of Fire

Family, Sex

We don't need more sex, we need more Tantra

Never burn your fingers twice in the same flame

13. The Gate of Water

The Tribe

We don't need more laws, we need better education

14. The Gate of Stone


We don't need more knowledge, we need more understanding

Second Set: The Empresses

The Empresses are the Masters and Teachers of Physics.

They are the Material Elements like a Storm, or a LavaFlow, or the Ocean, or a Pebble.

15. The Empress of Air

She loves to drive windmills and sailing ships and the big deep water canoes. Since she has less and less to do she becomes restless and turns into tornadoes, but generally she is helpful.

At Her best She is the TradeWinds.

When She dances with Her sister, the Empress of Water, they are called Hurricane or Cyclone, and they are beautiful, as we can see on satelite fotos, and on fotos taken from small sailing boats in a violent storm. As it is said: A well built and well kept ship manned by a seaworthy crew has a fair chance to survive the Eye of a Hurricane. But it is also known that out there are freak waves no ship can survive.

Praise to Adam Eva's Son, the builder of ships, the sailor, the drawer of charts.

She can make herself visible to human eyes, than she is called an angel and she gives messages of joy or warning.

16. The Empress of Fire

She rules the two worlds of fire: Magma in the belly of Earth and the heat and the light of the sun as it reaches the zone of gases above the solid or liquid surface of the planet.

As "Lady Pele" she is the Goddess of all vulcanos and seismic activities. Some sects honor her also as Sun-Goddess, but like her sisters she not really a Goddess, but an elemental force beyond Human understanding.

17. The Empress of Water

Triggered off by her sister Lady Pele she rises high and pushes her killer-waves far into the coastal plains and high up into the valleys destroying everything in her way and on her way back she sucks everything with her and dumps on the ocean floor, for her devis and devas to play with. But she is also the one who makes those perfect waves every surfer looks and hopes for.

17. The Mirror

This card you can turn around to see another image. It is either a perfectly breaking wave, or the empress entering the hall in her most splendid regalia. That double face symbolizes water as the first and original mirror, and it serves as the symbol of first question of a Human Awakening: "Who Am I", which means: "Where is the mirror I can see me in?"

18. The Empress of Stone

At this stage no life exists on planet Earth, but the set is ready for the actors to play on. The most impressive sets at this state of creation, like leftovers of the pre-life era on Planet Earth, are:

the frozen Continent of Antarctica for the House of Air

the Volcano Mauna Loa on Hawai'i for the House of Fire

the Pacific Ocean along the Equator for the House of Water

Ayers Rock Uluru in the center of Australia for the House of Stone

Third Set: The Children

19. Daughters of Air

Drawing, Painting, Calligraphy,

First were SIGNs as means to communicate with other members of the tribe about things of common interest; later came SYMBOLs to show an Idea or a Concept - always connected to a Supreme Being, the Forces of Nature, and Religion. Then came the presentation of things that can be seen with the Material Eyes, called Arts. First was DRAWING, later PAINTING, finally LETTERs for Writing, and NUMBERs for Counting

Visual Arts is a means of Communication

The orchid in the upper left corner shows the artistic technique used for this deck of cards: Watercolors washed over black outlines,

The orchid and the butterfly (or the colibri) symbolize the House of Air.

The circle of colors in the center of the card shows the six basic colors and the black and the white of the painting artist. It is the rainbow every aspiring visual artist should know without looking, because it is the theoretical basic of all working with colors.

Transcendent meaning: Freedom to Follow Spiritual Goals.

Following Spiritual Goals without Love creates Fanatics, Missionaries and Religious Wars.

+ Source: "On Visual Arts" by the author.

20. Daughters of Fire

The Empress of Fire has two daughters: Heat and Light

Chants, Poetry, Literature

Wisdom and knowledge destroyed

Women, Books, and Art burned at the stake

War, waste, torture

Freedom of Speech

Speaking free without love creates arrogance in yourself and hurt feelings in others

Discipline of Language: Knowing the meaning of the words you use, and to use them in their proper place free of emotional loading

Mental Discipline is the act of communicating a chain of thought in an logical fashion, where one thought follows the other without big jumps, and the intent to follow the chain of thought of others while actively trying to understand.

21. Daughters of Water

The Empress of Water has four daughters: Spring, River, Lake, and the special one: Rain, all called Living Water.


Freedom to Assemble

Assembling without SelfControl creates a chaotic mob or a mindless block of robots.

22. Daughters of Stone


Freedom to wander and to live wherever you want

+ Source: Sculpture in the sacred grove The Sleeping Goddess in the farmlands of Atlanta Island showing the Matrilinear Chain of Generations. Ca. 9 feet high. Colored concrete. Date of construction unknown, but old.

Fourth Plane

The Science of Biology

23. Planet Earth, Stage Two

If you ever have the chance to visit the biggest stone on planet Earth, Ayers Rock Uluru in the center of Australia, the navel of the body of the planet, you will see a large chunk of the upturned crust of the planet, as it happened at Stage Two of the planets history.

The rock is pure sand, pressed solid by the immens pressure of the layer of Water over a zillion of years. There are large pieces of the rock eroded open, so you can look into the rock, but you won't find the smallest trace of life like shells or ammonites, which means that the rock is older than Life on planet Earth.

Sandstone is created by water dumping layer after layer of sand on top of each other until there is a thick plate of solidified sand on the bottom of the sea. Because of the gravity of the planet, and the centrifugal forces of the spinning of the planet the layers are laid parallel to the surface of the planet, but in Ayers Rock Uluru you'll find the layers rectangular to the surface.

The rock is about 3 km long, measured along the layers, which means that the layer of sandstone must have been at least 3 km thick, probably thicker because the whole plain around the rock is the same sand as the rock, weathered off and blown away. And nobody knows how deep the rock is buried in the ground.

It is hard to imagine the force which entered the atmosphere, penetrated the layer of water, ripped out of the planets crust a large chunk of solid matter, turned 90 degrees and slammed it back into the ground.

That must have happened, because otherwise the sandstone layers of Sacred Uluru wouldn't lay - or stand - rectangular to the surface. Compared to that the destruction of Atlantis was a minor incident, that happened just sort of yesterday.

Some Scientists claim that this chunk of interplanetary matter that hit Earth originates from the Pleyades, which was a prosperous planet until it was blown apart by it's inhabitants. They claim that with that chunk Life rode to Earth as StarSeed, i.e. a SingleCell Life Form that is able to hibernate indefinitly and survive OuterSpace conditions. Naturally they can't explain where that StarSeed originates from before it reached the Pleyades and who created it.

That chunk ripped out a large part of the planet's crust, mixed with it and Both-In-One continued into space, where they became the Moon of planet Earth, which creates the eternal unrest of Low and High Tide in the Oceans. At the same time the axis of the planet was knocked out of alignment with the sun, which creates the seasons of the Earth-year. And the Magnetic Field switched poles, which weakened it because of the residue energy in the solid matter of the planet caused by the former alignment.

They also say, that this breaking apart the stagnant harmony of Planet Earth, Stage One was a pre-requisite for Life to come into existence and to have a chance of survival and development; which means that Life can only exist in an off-balance harmony resulting in a constant unrest, varying from periods of relative calm to extremly chaotic circumstances. Some scientists maintain that the changing of the tides, the changing of the seasons, and the changing of night and day are absolutly nessecary for the development of Life on any planet, not only on Earth.

That means: Without the unrest of the Elemental Houses - exploding vulcanoes, earth quakes, tsunamis, tornadoes, hurricans, ice ages, draughts - without all the natural catastrophs on planet Earth we and all living beings would not exist.

So we better stop complaining about them.

24. UrGoddess Abora

The Primordeal Goddess

Procreating life without sex by dividing, and diversifying life by evolving and mutating

At this stage of development the Goddess is named by only the first part of Her name: Abora, (stressed on the first A), which means the female part of the Biological Creative Energy, because UrGoddess Abora passes on Life by dividing off parts of Herself without the help of any other energy but Her own. And the most amazing thing is that She does not become smaller, but bigger and stronger in the process of dividing.

The divided-off parts are exactly like the Ur-Part they divided from, and they again divide into exactly the same form. The parts change by slowly adapting to a changing environment; or the competition for food and living space - caused by other particles of Abora's Body - forces the life-form to adapt and thus develop and diversify.

Mutation is a sudden, wide jump to diversity, when the Energy of Life reacts to the influences of the Universe of Physics in an unforeseeable way. On planet Earth the trigger for mutation-jumps are mostly solar flares. In that case many of the mutations - new life forms that have little in common with the life form they stem from - prove not fit for life, or not fit for the environment and they die. Very few, maybe only one mutation out of many survives and passes on life by dividing and finding new niches in the environment in which to survive and procreate, as it is known of so-called primitive life forms like bacteria and simple plants.

At that early stage Death happens only by being eaten by another life-form in a different state of development, or running out of food itself. Death by old age came later with the creation of AboraMana.

In our understanding all biological beings thus created are XX, because they are the same as the source-being - called UrBeing. That means that at that time biological energy XY did not yet exist. And it means: XX is much older than XY, and it also means that XY is a mutation of XX. (The definition of male would be here: sexually mutated offspring of a female source-being.)

A fish called California Sheephead (Labridae Semicossyphus pulcher) off the California coast begins life as a female, but becomes a male when she is 7 - 8 years of age.

The eggs of the crocodile are laid female (XX). Whether they turn XY (male) or stay XX (female) depends on the temperature of their place in the nest when they hatch. In the last consequence that means: MamaCrocodile is responsible for the sex of her children, because she controls the place and the temperature of the nest.

On the Islands they tell that for 90 years all the bamboo worldwide procreates by sexless dividing. Then they all bloom at the same time, some af them stay female, others mutate to being male. The females are fertilized by the males, and the males die. The females bear fruit and die. The fruit is the start of a new female-only generation, procreating by dividing, till the next bloom. Whether this is scientifically correct I do not know.

25. AboraMana, the Split Goddess

Power and Force of Life,

being the female sex-drive of conceiving, carrying, giving birth, suckling, taking care of, teaching and training offspring,

and the male sex-drive to ejaculate seed as often as possible in as many females as possible.

The female sex-drive is the same through all animal life including humans (with comparably few exceptions)

the male sex drive varies widely from strict monogamy (ejaculate in one female only through your whole life), or to ejaculate-and-leave for the next woman

The source of all the myths existing on planet Earth about women visited by Gods to bear superhuman children.

One of our Legends tells:

"... she begged Her father for more life, for more love, until He split Her and blew His odem into the split and thus He became Her lover and the father of all living beings ..."

Another Legend tells:

"... Abora grew strong and She sucked a Spark of Life out of God. To store the spark safely, She opened Herself and put the spark into Her womb ..."

And the two Legends continue together:

"... and through Her Sacred Portal came forth all plants and all animals. What does not come into Being through the Portal of the Goddess does not live."

From this moment on the Goddess correctly is called AboraMana because in Her the female and male energies of life are contained and since then all animals come as female and male.

God the Male Creative Energy starts at the highest level of mightiness and diminishes in the progress of his creation until he is no more than the engine of that gigantic cosmic mobile to keep it moving and in balance. He has to submit himself and obey the many laws of physics Himself, which infringes His mightiness.

The Goddess of Life starts very small but grows constantly bigger and stronger along her ray of Creation, because she has only one very simple law: Grow! Diversify! Become more!

The academic definition of LIFE is: Something that becomes infinitely more unless it is stopped by death.

+ Source: Illumination in a very old manuscript I found in our central library. The original is about as big as the card you hold in your hands. Gold and colors of unknown origin on vellum.

26. Life

That which organizes the random materials of the Physical Universe into your body and makes them tick that you can run around and sing and dance and emit a beautiful fragance.

The materials of your body are: Solid matter, liquids and gases. They are called Physical Matter; they are conceived as being static.

Life is an energy of unknown source that changes static physical matters into organic matters, which are conceived as being flexible because of their ability to grow (become more), and decay, (fall apart) and turn back into static physical matters on a relatively short term base.

One true Legend tells that Abbadam blew his Odem into space, matter, and energy and thus created AboraMana.

Another true Legend tells that space, matter, and energy in the run of time organized from simple to complex and gathered ever more energetic power during the organizing process and that at a certain moment of the development the organized matter sucked a spark of life out of God and thus AboraMana came into being.

Atheists maintain that the organized matter created Life out of itself.

The first Legend sees God as the active part of the creation of AboraMana, the second Legend sees God as the passive part of his own creation as it created AboraMana out of itself.

But generally speaking:

This is a matter of totally no consequence: Nobody will ever know! so we just enjoy life and leave these questions to those who love to torture their their minds with questions like: who was first? the hen or the egg?

27. Death

When the Energy of Life leaves the body that it doesn't tick anymore we call it Death.

"I will die" is a wrong expression. Either it is the concept of: When my body dies I disappear too, or it is used for easy conversation not to differentiate between I, my mind, and my body.

Death is AboraMana's beautiful but unbeloved sister, connected to her by an unbreakable umbilical cord. Between those two Sisters we live, and it is prudent to learn how to love Sister Death, because the Awareness of Her enhances Human Life and gives it deeper meaning.

Fear-of-Death is a perverted EarthBody program called Drive-for-Survival, which includes the Program Aviod-Pain, i.e. Avoid-Death. (Pain is death on a small scale: The cut in your finger hurts because some cells were killed by the knife.)

Fear-of-Death works in the Mental Space of the victim and influences his behavior to the worse. The virus was put there by spiritual means. It took hold easily because Awareness of Death has the deepest spiritual-mystical meaning for every Human, because Death is unavoidable and unpredictable.

Death cannot be known, only experienced.

The Matrix Awareness-of-Death is shortwired to the ReligionMatrix, which when activated, is filled with what the ParentGeneration concerning Death thinks fit.

Fear is put into the Mental Room by convincing the victim that ForcesGreaterThanYou will judge and will deal punishment or reward according to the victim's obeisance and submission under laws he can't understand and can't follow, because they are contradictionary to Human Intelligence. Fear is created by "knowing" that the punishment is cruel and eternal, with absolutly no appeal.

The Legend tells that God was forced to create Death to counter-balance AboraMana's drive for ever-growing, ever-evolving life.

+ Source: Illuminations in a very old manuscript I found in our central library. Ink and watercolors of unknown origin on vellum.

Here I should add some notes about our burial rites.

We bury our bodies in earth, or dispose of them in the ocean, naked as we entered this world through our Mother's Sacred Portal, with no shroud and no coffin.

Since our bodies live from the bodies and from the Energy of Life of AboraMana's children, the plants and the animals, we never burn our dead bodies. We know that during our life we are at the top of the food chain and to balance things out we consciously place our dead bodies at the very beginning of the food chain.

To avoid confusion: Nutritionwise there is a big difference in that heap of ashes left over when you burn your body and that chunk of bio-massa that slowly rots away when you bury your body. Worms and plants do not need ashes to eat to go on living, but bio-massa. Try it yourself: Burn all your food and eat the ashes and see how long you'll last, and do not make the mistake to see a difference between your body and the body of a worm or a rose.

Fifth Plane

Magic Biology

Plants and Animals

28. Queen of Devi

The Queen of Devi is the symbol for all PlantLife on planet Earth. She represents AboraMana in the Universe of Plants.

Devi are focused and crystallized Energy of Life in form of plants. A plant consists of Matter, Space, and Energy, formed and organized and held together by the Energy of Life in the form of one particular individual plant inhabited by the Devi of this plant.

In AboraMana's System the souls of all plants are perceived as female and called Devi and the souls of all animals are perceived as male, called Deva, even when the soul lives in a female animal. We do that because we are a people who love symmetrie and balance; and because the plants were first, than came the animals.

And one important reason is: Because they love each other they interact with each other for the betterment of self and the other. Many Devi use Deva for their sexual activities and for their procreation.

Another reason is: the flowers are the sexual organs of the plant and they are very often formed like the female sexual organ - needless to say: of the human woman, too. Orchids and peas for example, and many tropical flowers.

We do not see a Devi and Deva as a goddess or a god, because they are finite. She de-crystallizes and ends with the withering and the death of the plant she possessed and returns to AboraMana as a part of the Energy of Life.

A very good decription of a Devi you can find in the works of Clark Ashton-Smith, where he describes a group of Devi of Corals as "FlowerWomen" but places them on land. In fact my Devi of Coral is the exact visual image of what he describes in one of his short high-density novels.

In the LayOut of the Cards we lay the Devi before the Deva because in AboraMana's Magic Universe plants were created first and later animals; and because in the Science of Biology the Female Principle is older than the Male Principle.

The bodies of Devi and Deva resemble closely that of Humans, although they appear to each Human observer different. They are small or big, depending on the life form they possess and their body forms and movements characterize the Elemental House and the plant they stem from.

+ Source: Cover of the book of biology-lessons of plant life for first grade classes in our public schools.

29. King of Deva

Male Fertility

The King came into being for all AnimalLife when AboraMana was split and all animals came forth out of her sacred portal. With each newborn animal the Goddess creates a new deva. They are very personal and they form the character of the animal.

The Alchemic Scientists of Magic Physics and Biology claim that the more you enjoy and praise and communicate with a special Devi or Deva the more they personalize and become real to you. They grow more happy and vigorous and pass their vigor as their form of gratitude for your praise on to your emotional body.

The card shows the dance of a shamana to insure fertilization of farm animals. She dances around the Mythological Egg. The spiral in the egg shows the female energy of life, which is sleeping until it is awakened by the male spark of life, shown as the flaming balls to the left and the right of the egg. It is two balls because one carries the female sex and the other the male sex and nobody knows which carries which.

Some Scientists of Theology claim that the male sperm carries not only one of the two sexes, but besides the spark of life also the spark of death.

Her hands hold AboraMana's mudra, on the palms are painted the female spiral (opening with the sun) and the male spiral (opening against the sun.) He headdress shows our most important farm animals for food: the chicken, the goat, and the boar.

Masters of the Alchemic-Magical Sciences teach, that every Human with conscious knowledge and the appropriate training is able to enter the one or the other of the Four Houses and communicate with the devis and the devas of the house.

The following set of cards Devi and Deva refers to the erotic-sexual game played with a man

30. Devi of Orchid

House of Air

the young girl, the virgin

Sehnsucht: A deep emotional condition of longing love for no particular reason and no goal or target

In the Iconography of our Holy Scriptures flowers symbolize the arts in general as nourishment of the emotional body. The orchid in particular stands for the visual arts, because she is the "most useless, most beloved" flower in our world. She does not feed bees, or butterflies, or humming birds. She does not emit a pleasing fragance like the rose or the sandal wood tree. She does not produce fruit to eat. She lives off the leftovers of other plants and gives nothing in exchange except pure beauty.

The orchid also symbolizes the hormone-induced female sex-drive, the exposed human-female sexual organ and the ability of the woman to talk about it and to show it.

It means: Without shame, which comes from feeling guilty. Shame has nothing in common with the natural shyness of a young girl.

+ Source: A label of a flask of holy oil that is sold in the Mother's Temple on the island of Gea. I adapted that label to create a tattoo-design for the left shoulder of a girl.

31. Deva of Colibri

House of Air

Erotical-Sexual Fantasy

erotic literature and images, perverted into male pornography

to play the game of erotic and sex in daydreams and talk about it

Tantra can teach you that, but recommends that in your daydreams you keep your fantasy only on the erotic-sexual aspect and to be the actors only yourself and your man. It says: Do not exchange your man for a prince-of-fogs and don't change yourself to someone you are not.

+ Source: Costum-design for the annual procession in honor of AboraMana.

In some of our Holy Scriptures the Deva of Colibri is replaced by the Deva of Butterfly, and here I'm supposed to give a lecture about perfumes and artificial fragances:

Butterflies and other insects orient themselves by smell. Smell is certain molecules floating in the air. The molecules of smell are the signposts in the universe of butterflies, like the traffic signs in the universe of modern humans transportation systems. They need those signposts to find their food in the flowers and they need them to procreate by finding the molecules of smell their potential mates.

Now imagine what you do to the universe of butterflies when you splash an artificial fragance (mostly residues of the petro-chemical industry) on your body, be it shampoo, or soap, or perfume: You pollute their universe in an extremly heavy way. They can't find food anymore because the molecules of smell of your artificial fragance block out the signposts that are meant to help the butterflies to find food and to find a mate.

Here you should find out how many molecules of smell are in one drop of designer perfume you apply behind your ear and how many molecules of smell a butterfly needs to find her way.

I should say: Block all the traffic signs and traffic lights of all major American cities including air ports at the same time and imagine what will happen. And than you will know and hopefully understand what happens to the world of our butterflies with that one little drop.

Apart from that: There are so many beautyfull smells in the world of plants humans on planet Earth could use to adorn their bodies with.

I overheard Lilith Yggdrasil when once she was really pissed about human behavior:

"I don't really care whether humans on Earth kill each other and themselves, as long they don't kill the butterflies at the same time."

32. Devi of Papaya

House of Fire

Passive Female Sexuality.

Enjoying the feeling of being used by your man without having anything to do or to go for.

33. Deva of Rooster

House of Fire

Three of Cocks

the Male Sexuality

It is the genetically implanted drive of the male body to diseminate his genes as far as possible. That means: To ejaculate as often as possible in as many different women as possible. This is a natural force that can't be changed. In some men this force is stronger than in others because of a higher testosterone-level, but every male has that drive. It is his AboraMana, the Force of biological Life.

For the good of the society as we have it right now, it is prudent for men (and women) to learn how to control that drive by the discipline of Tantra by using their emotional and analytical body to train the biological body what to do and how to react. This turns the power of the biological urge into a power of the Emotional Body, which reflects on Mental Body by deeper insights, and creates a feeling of highest well being in the material body. The problem at this moment is that you on Earth don't have enough women who teach Tantra.

+ Source: This card I found in a small plaza in my hometown. It seems to be a card of a very old edition of a deck. Probably a child lost it while gambling. The card shows a Costum-design for the annual procession in honor of AboraMana.

34. Devi of Coral

House of Water

Aggressive Female Sexuality

enjoying dominating the game

In our understanding the coral is a plant, because she misses our most important distinction between plants and animals: She does not move to new places to live.

(See the Text to the card Queen of Devi because much of what is said there refers to the card Devi of Coral)

Also: The Tantra-Teacher who helps men to transform the biological urge of their bodies (their sex-drive) into an emotional power for the good of self and society.

Ecological Teachings:

Imagine that all the calcium that is bound into the reefs of the planet's oceans by corals disolves and becomes again part of the ocean's water. Just imagine. Killing the corals by pollution is one sure way into the destruction of Life on planet Earth, because in that alkaline soup only the most simple life forms can survive, every other living being, incuding the Picasso-Fish will be dead, never to revive - and with them every life form on the solid land, including us, will be equally dead.

35. Deva of Cowrie

House of Water

Active Submissive Female Sexuality

enjoying the feeling of existing only for your mans pleasure by finding out what he wants and giving it to him in abundance.

the classical courtesan

Around the tropical pacific rim the kauri shell (Cowrie) is seen as the symbol for the genital slit of the woman and the Goddess. In some places the kauri was used as a token of obligation and misunderstood by White Man as money.

36. Devi of Oak

House of Stone

Active Self-centered Female Sexuality

enjoy yourself and control your man to please only you

37. Deva of Lizard

House of Stone

Mo'o is a Lizard-Goddess who lives on the south shore of Kaua'i and molests fishermen. Haagedis is of the Dutch language and means lizard. A lizard-girl that plays a major role in one of our educational children books is called Haagedis.

By the way, all our children books are educational, that means according to Lilith Yggdrasil's teachings that they are always a notch higher than the child can grasp, "to take advantage of the inborn curiosity of the Little Ones and make them grow by their own efforts to understand."

Later, when we come to the Question: Who Are You? Define Yourself! you can use the Devi and Deva to help you define your sexuality, which is the main function of your Material EarthBody.

Sixth Plane

Human Kind

FirstWoman and FirstMan

38. Ur-Mother Eva

The Mythological First Woman

Our Legends tell:

The Goddess took red and black and ochre soil out of of her fathers treasure chest, and formed FirstWoman's body into the beauty we still can see today, and She filled the dead soil with Her Breath, called AboraMana. And Her youngest child FirstWoman lived.

She brought Her living baby to the devi of the plants and deva of the animals, and they loved FirstWoman, their youngest sibling. They gave her the Emotional Body and called her Eva.

And the Goddess brought her smiling baby to the Empresses of the Four Houses. They showed Eva the Forces of Physics and showed her God spinning the cosmic wheel, and they gave her the ability to understand.

And the Goddess brought the living and smiling and asking baby to Her Father, Her OneAndOnly True Lover. And God bowed over the child, FirstWoman Eva, and He gave her the Mental Space and filled the Space with Matrixes. And than He kissed Eva FirstWoman and that kiss is You, You the Eternal Soul.

Nice, don't you think? Actually, I prefer it to the story of the Jewish-Christian Creed to explain: How come that we live as woman and man? At least our story makes more scientific sense, and it is according to the Zero-Card equally true.

The Goddess gave Eva the ability to stand up straight and She gave her daughter a newly designed joint of thumb, which means: The Goddess gave Eva the chance to become Human, which course Eva, being AboraMana's daughter, eagerly took. And the Goddess made Her daughter much more beautiful than the most beautiful girls of the ApePeople - at least in my eyes.

FirstWomen's EarthBody was given the form and the Energy of Life by the Goddess, given Emotions by the plants and animals, given Understanding by the Masters of Physics, and given the Awareness of Being the Holy Spirit by God, her Father.

According to the dominating Creed on planet Earth a MaleGod made the mythological FirstWoman Eve out of a body part of the mythological FirstMan Adam, whom the MaleGod had created first without a MotherGoddess.

FirstWoman on Earth is called EVA: Jewish: Woman, Mother.

Created for the sole purpose to satisfy Adam's sexual needs and to become the mother of his Sons Cain and Abel and other children. Cain, a convicted murderer, is said to be the Father of all Human Kind.

Some scholars claim that the story of Cain and Abel shows the conflict between shepherds and gardeners, as society changed from a nomadic (Cain) to a agricultural (Abel) way of life. On Earth the merits of women who invented gardening and agriculture, are not worth to be mentioned - but the true story is that the women kicked bad ass, when the goats and the sheep of the stupid males broke into their beautifully tended gardens.

ADAM is a word of the Sumeric language that found it's way into the Jewish language. It means: Man from the earth, or farmer, gardener, and definitly not: Man-Made-From-Earth. The idea that Human Kind is made from earth comes from the awareness that people sustain their material bodies by products of the earth.

But the Males on planet Earth couldn't quite hide the truth:

Eva - the Woman - plucked the Apple of Knowledge of Good and Evil and Free Decision against the MaleGods will, who obviously wanted that Humans, especially women, remain in a below-selfconcious state of mind like parrots or rats, which are nice and beautiful, but nevertheless sub-Human.

Eva - the Woman - rose first out of the Animalistic Mind into the Human Mind, She was the first who became aware of Herself as an infinite Soul, a member of the Spiritual Universe. And then she taught Adam Knowledge and Wisdom, and she made him socially acceptable by teaching him the difference between Good and Evil.

The greatest gift Woman gave to Human Kind is the Knowledge of Good and Evil, far greater than the discovery of fire or the invention of the wheel. This is not a story somebody just dreamed up, it even says so in the Good Book of the Jewish-Christian Creed.

39. Eva's Dream

In her first stage of creativity Eva called dolphins and whales into Being by dividing them off herself, "and forming them with her hands, as her Mother had taught her. But the dolphins left her and went into the ocean and Eva followed them and she played with her firstborn children, but she was bound to the land by the will of her Mother".

+ This card is dedicated to Caylin of Hanapepe, Kaua'i. Soul-surfer, artist, a little mermaid herself, with tons of Mana and joy of life, although Life isn't easy with her.

40. Adam Eva's Son

The Mythological First Man

also called: Eva's Reality, in opposition to Eva's Dream

As the Legend tells:

... when Eva returned to the land she felt lonely and she cried to her Father for more Life, for more Love until He split her as He had split her Mother and He blew His odem into her split, and as the time had come through her Holy Portal came Adam, a man, naked and helpless ...

Then the Legend continues:

... as Adam grew strong Eva awakened the Spark of Life in him and taught him the sacred Art of Tantra, as she had learned it from AboraMana's children, and thus Eva was pregnant again and she became the Mother of all Humans and her first Son Adam became the Father of all Humans

The family relations are:

AboraMana is Abbadam's only daughter and lover

Eva is AboraMana's and Abbadam's daughter

Abbadam is Eva's lover, and through Eva He is the father of Adam

Adam is Eva's son and lover, and through Eva he is the father of Human Kind

Lilith Yggdrasil's Lament:

He is the genial maker of tools but he uses his tools as a weapon against himself. In the process of killing himself he also kills women, children and large parts of Life.

He is the deep-thinking, daring scientist and he uses his science not to serve but to dominate Life. In the process of dominating Life he kills Life because Life can't be dominated.

He forgets that he is the son of Woman and the grandson of AboraMana and that he cannot live without them. He forgets that he is the servant of Woman and AboraMana, not Her master.

He looks with pride at Stonehenge and forgets that he built it as an expression of womanly wisdom, with women's knowledge, and under women's command, and every woman admits that he did a great job.

He knows that art is inspired by Higher Powers and is created to enlighten the world, but then he is satisfied with dead paint on dead canvas showing no more than the obvious.

He is a strong one and a proud one and every time he feels belittled he turns violent. He is driven by his sex, by his pride to be a man, an individual, to be special and unique, combined with the animalistic urge to be the dominating alpha-male in his field.

And he is a genial inventor of justifications for his destructive behavior and the most sad thing is: He believes it himself

And every time you do not control his search for the unknown, and every time you permit him to do as he pleases, he turns into the most destructive force existing on planet Earth. And every time you submit under his destructive energy, or more so when you encourage him by wanting more of his toys for yourself, you help to destroy the very base of your own existence.

41. Tantra

Tantra is the ritualized sexual intercourse of a woman and a man with consciously delayed and prolonged orgasm. The goal of Tantra is to activate the Goddess in the man and the God in the woman and see the opposite - and thus themselves - as a most beloved child of Goddess and God. Insofar Tantra must be seen as a religious practice.

According to our Holy Scriptures one of the most important first steps in Tantra is to learn honesty as opposed to shame, and clear verbal communication about erotic and sexual matters as opposed to only body-language, and the irrational demand "he should be sensitive enough to feel, what I want".

Lilith Yggdrasil lectures:

"Tantra is the only way to induce in Eva's emotional body the dream state she was in when she swam with the dolphins. And Tantra is the only way to control and channel Adam's tremendous sex-drive, which, when it is allowed to run loose unsatisfied, can be a very dangerous force out of Adam's control. That's why we invented Sacred Sex in the Temple.

"Our Girls learn Tantra from the Madres of the Black Mantilla Sect, who refined the Art of Tantra to the highest potential. The Girl then teaches it in TempleSercice when she feels like having sex with a Man, until the day she binds herself to one man in marriage and thus becomes a Woman.

"We have no girls and no young men with a dangerous unsatisfied sex drive running wild in our society. We have no prostitution, we have no sexual violence against women or children."

And, I should add: We have no pornography, but a lot of beautiful erotic art.

+ Source: Gobelin in the niche of a side-altar in Lilith's Cathedral in the WaterQuarter of AtlantaCaldera. Wool, silk and cotton, 9 feet by 5 feet. Artist unknown, but contemporary. She does not admit it, but I strongly suspect that the artist is Our Reigning Lilith Yggdrasil.

42. True Love

Since Humans became SelfAware they also became aware of each other, and thus they became aware of the sex, color of skin, hair, and eyes, the bodily form and appearance, and the age of the other. To this general perception they apply a certain filter, called: "Possible Mate?".

(There are other filters Human use to keep their sensory input below overload.)

This Awarenes of Self and Others as Sexual Beings is called the SexMatrix. In an individual the SexMatrix is divided into three equal parts, being responsible for the EarthBody, and the Emotional Body, and the Mental Body. All three serve the SoulBody, which has no matrixes on it's own.

Awareness and a Set of Values acquired in the past concerning the opposite sex is part of the Mental Body. Abora-Mana, i.e. the Energy of Life, works on the EarthBody - being horny without any outside stimulation is one of it's effects. Wanting to be inside an Aura that spins in the opposite direction than your own is straight-wired into your Emotional Body. That is why Lovers love to sleep with each other - during deep sleep after satisfying sex your Aura is charged to maximum by the opposite spinning Aura of your man. This explains the Tantra rule: When you sleep with each other sleep naked under one blanket. (Here I should explain that when we say sleep we mean sleep - we don't mean having sex).

The matrixes of the three bodies are cross-wired with each other; they are connected and communicate, and re-inforce each other.

Besides the SexMatrix there are other matrixes, and all of them are activated at their own time, and they are cross-wired to all other open matrixes of the three bodies. And - I repeat - they do that in service of the SoulBody. Science found that every Human, no matter at what time, owns all the matrixes in the same form, at the same place, there ain't no differences in color or creed. The difference is only: What do you program into the new activated matrix of your child. At a certain stage of the development of the Human EarthBody the SexMatrix is charged with Abora-Mana-Energy and kicks in, ready to be programmed by stimulantia coming from outside of the individuum - they are sort of force fed into the newly opened matrix which has nearly no defense against it. The contents of the stimulantia determine the mating behaviour and the general approach to the other sex in every individual.

That means: Depending how you - as part of the group of GrownUps - stimulate the kicked-in matrixes of the young generation, that much you help to determine how the next generation of Women and Men feel about their own sex, which determines how they behave towards the other sex, which determines their erotic-sexual future, including the ability to feel happy. And, nota bene: The SexMatrix is an extremly important part of the Matrix called "Social Behaviour".

True Love is not an avalanche that comes down on you out of the blue und buries you as a helpless victim. That avalanche-phenomen is called "falling in love" and it generally a symptom of a sexually frustrated society. You fall in love to justify the satisfaction of your sex-drive, and when it is satisfied you fall out of love again.

In those societies sex for the joy of sex is sinful and dirty; the dominating males allow sex only when you "love" the man you want to go to bed with. But, as we all know, this attitude is just a false front, like so many other rules and regulations of your present-day society.

True Love is a decision you make. You decide to love, and you are activly determined to keep your love alive. The decision comes out of your mental body. You can only decide when you are not sexually frustrated, and when you have a clear perception in detail of the mental pictures you carry around in your mind about what you find attractive about males, incuding their bodily appearance.

In short: You need to know some of the simple basics about yourself and be honest enough to check the compatibility of the contents of your matrixes against those of your potential mate.

Falling in love because the guy is so rich and famous, which makes him so attractive, is a very old part of the female SexMatrix to insure fertilization by good male genes, to make sure the next generation is good taken care of, and is strong and good looking.

But that was valid once upon a time, like the territorial fights with no holds barred of the males. Today your submission under that primitive part of your SexMatrix is obsolete, because you have already convinced the world that you can be a good single mother.

Lilith Yggdrasil's Lament:

I'm sick and tired of hearing people whine because they can't find their "SoulMate", their OneAndOnlyLove in this Life on Planet Earth. I'm sick of hearing them dream about their SoulMate of another life, in another universe, on another planet - but certainly in a most desireable body form of a Human Being on Planet Earth - man or woman, it really doesn't matter - just look at their stupid love stories and you'll know what I mean.

We - as SelfAware Souls - are as old as the Spiritual Universe. Since the Beginning we did voluntarily choose to live in Bodies of Woman or Man on the surface of a zillion different planets. We have about one and a half zillion SoulMates out there: Other Human Souls in Womanly or Manly Bodies we met and loved during our roughly about a zillion livetimes. So what is all that yanking about?

Why don't you get busy trancending yourself into the SoulMate of your Man, in this here Life on planet Earth? That is the only way to find your SoulMate - by becoming and being a SoulMate yourself.

Seventh Plane

The Temple

Religion and Ceremony

As the title suggests here we talk about Organized Religion, about that part of religious activity that needs to be organized to be functional. We talk about that part of religion that consists of rituals and ceremonies in Honor of a Supreme Being and in Honor of the PowersGreaterThanYou.

We do not talk about the Supreme Being Self.

We also talk about that part of religion that is the source of Spiritual Art, that serves the organized religion by building temples and painting and sculpting altars and sacred instruments, composing music and hymns, for example. We talk about it in this context because the Creation of Spiritual Art is a religious activity, as we find it with the ancient Russian Ikon-Painters. They where deeply believing monks, who saw painting Saints and other members of the Spiritual Universe as a service to their God.

Looking through the millenia at the different cultures of Human groups we find that the forms of the religious activities are always pretty much the same. That means: all Humans have the same idea about how, when, and where rituals and ceremonies should be performed to honor a Supreme Being.

Even the reason Why is the same:

Because of a feeling of overwhelmed awe: they become aware of themselves as being one infinitly small knot in an incomprehensible big and incomprehensible intricate interwoven Net of Physical and Biological Creation. This becoming aware is called The Awakening of the Soul. So they start to ask: Since I did not create the Net of Creation, who did? and why?

Humans are awed by the power and fierceness Creator gave Creation, by the harmonies, balances and tensions that hold the Net together, by the shine of the juwels of the suns and planets and pebbles woven into it; they are overawed by beauty Creatrix gave Creation in the endless circle of Life, of flowers and fruit, butterflies and jumping fish.

And again they ask: Since I did not create the Energy of Life and all the Living Beings, who did? and why? And since my body is a Living Being that lives through the Energy of Life, where does this Energy come from? how come it keeps going and going until I die? and what will happen then?

These two sets of Questions are part of the ReligionMatrix every Human is endowed with. The ReligionMatrix is activated - more or less intense - in every individual Human.

Some Humans are filled with gratitude when facing the two sets of questions, others are filled with fear, depending on the contents of the stimulation that filled the ReligionMatrix.

Gratitude triggers off a feeling of obligation towards the Supreme Being and a feeling of responsibility towards Creation.

Fear triggers off the feeling of having to fight Creation - to dominate Creation and to cut Her down into tiny pieces that fit into the Mental Room of the Fearful.

All Religions express themselves by having some sort of an altar with an image (ranging from abstract symbol to hyper-realistic rendering of a human being) that represents the Supreme Being and that serves as a point of focus for the mental and emotional energies of the participants.

We have Holy Scriptures and Holy Chants about the Supreme Being, explaining the world and influencing Human's social behavior; we have traditions that reinforce the Scriptures; we have paraphernalia that symbolize the values that the Supreme Being represents; we have ceremonies performed by priests in special robes and their helpers, like musicians and dancers, acting within a certain choreography; we find a clear defined space that is constructed and reserved for religious purposes only. The timing of such a religious activity is either bound to the lunar or solar calendar, or it is a day of remembrance for something significant to that religion that had happened some time ago, always part of the tradition and often part of the Holy Scriptures.

You can divide the Deck into two sets, when you draw the dividing line between Science and Magic. Where the answers of Science end, there begins Magic. Science follows creation to the Big Bang, but when asked: Who made the Big Bang? Science is lost for an answer. Magic says God and a whole Universe opens. Science can take apart plants and animals to the smallest part, but when asked: What is Life? they don't know. Magic says "AboraMana" and Devi and Deva come to Life.

Religion definitly belongs to the Universe of Magic, where Human Dreams become alive.

First Set: The Wall

43. The Gate

The Sacred Gate is the Fifth Gate into the Elemental World besides the Four Gates to the Houses of Air, Fire, Water, and Stone.

The three cards of the set The Wall refer to feminine sexuality as Lilith Yggdrasil teaches:

"You are the guardian of your sacred gate. If you invite Adam, he may enter, if you defend, he has to stay out, no matter what he wants. And that means: you alone are responsible for who enters your gate at what time. And that again means: you alone are responsible for having a child or not, or for you to pick up a veneral disease or not. Never blame Adam, because he is too blinded by his sex-drive and his bloated ego as to be able to take responsibility in that respect. His only responsibility is to obey you as the Guardian of the Gate unconditionally.

"Your responsibilities as the Guardian is not a burden too heavy to be carried by you alone. It is the honor and the pride of a woman who understands herself as the granddaughter of the Goddess."

I think the old crone exaggerates, but basically I have to agree with her, being a man myself.

+ Source: The only gate into The Mother's Temple on the island of Gea.

Who built that gate I couldn't find out, but it is of first class craftsmanship, built of the finest limestone I've ever seen and I've seen a lot. You can't fit a piece of paper into the seams between the stones. Considering the social setup on Gea I suppose that men built it under the supervision of the Old Mothers, but I might be wrong and the Mothers built the gate themselves. The entrance is ca. 4 feet high and between 12 and 24 inches wide. Carved into the adjoining rock you'll see a spiral connected to the Tree of Life. This is AboraMana's glyph in our 13-month zodiac, which, by the way, would make much more sense on planet Earth, too.

I painted the wall and the gate when I visited Gea on government mission and I really had a hard time to convince the Old Mothers (sort of priestess-rulers of this particular AboraMana sect) that I may take my drawings off island, and about my government mission they wouldn't give a ***. As grouchy as the Old Mothers were, later they were so friendly to sell me a flask of their Holy Oil, which they use during their unique Tantra-Rituals. The label of that flask I used for the card Devi of Orchid.

Here I should add the legend, well known to humans on Earth, how women of an ancient Greek tribe by defending the Gate against their men prevented a war.

44. Defense

45. Invitation

Carved into the rocks you'll see a spiral connected to the Tree of Life. The spiral is the female spiral, because it opens and becomes infinite with the path of the sun through the heavens. The male spiral opens against the sun, as the male instruments of watches and clocks also run against the sun.

+ Source: Petroglyphs on the dry rock wall of The Mother's Temple on the island of Gea., ca. 15 to 20 feet high.

Second Set: The MainAltar

46. Lilith AboraMana

The Horned Goddess

The central panel of the Main Altar shows Lilith AboraMana as the "Horned Goddess", as the "Goddess of Fertility and Abundance". (This is the idea of the "Sacred Cow"). The horns also symbolize the crescent of the growing and waning moon.

She wears a sun-fish because it is Her Holy Animal in the House of Water. The sun-fish is an octopus that never stops growing, the perfect symbol for Life.

She grows out of the spiral of the material world of Physics, she is decorated with the swirling dance of life. The netting of her gown shows that she is part of the cosmic fabric, the seams are DNA-strings and the egg and the seed of the two sexes. Her jewels are green leaves and roses as the symbols of Life and Beauty. She is crowned with the Diamond of Total Truth, which on her points downward to show that she the mirror image of the total truth. The frame shows the Tree of Life growing out of the female spiral. This is her sign in our 13-month zodiac, as the roman cypher for 13 indicates

To know: The feminine day starts at night when Venus EveningStar lights up, and ends with SunDown the next day. Among others this is Jewish and Ancient German and very Feminin.

To know: Holy Day means: You celebrate outside the organized Religion your own rituals and bodily, emotional, and mental AbilityTrainings like yoga, meditation, chanting, and being fully aware of the beauty of AboraMana's Children by activly seeking and visiting surroundings where you find them in abundance. In other words: Go for a walk in pure nature; choose parts with mostly plantlife and wildlife and just look and listen and enjoy yourself, and give Praise to the Goddess.

47. The Eternal Goddess

As said before: In each of the Elemental Houses AboraMana has a different name and a different iconography, but She is always "Goddess of Life, Love, and Beauty, Goddess of Fertility and Abundance, Fountain of the Power of Love, Our Mother without Navel".

In the Elemental House of Water the Goddess is called Lilith AboraMana, short Lilith.

She stands for the feminine intuitive emotional wisdom.

The left panel shows Lilith as the Eternal Goddess. She wears the Diamond of Total Truth because She comes straight from The Source. The lower end of Her body is formed like the endless double-loop that symbolizes eternity. The open eyes on Her wings show that She never sleeps and that She is One-and-Many at the same time. In that form She is also the Goddess of the Black Moon.

The dark nights between the moons are Her nights, Hers is the thirteenth Month in our zodiac in the time when winter is darkest.

The roses in her veil symbolize beauty and love and all plant life, the pearls and buds on the other side of her veil symbolize the joy of sex, and the egg and the seed of all animal life.

+ Source: Lilith's Cathedral in the WaterQuarter of AtlantaCaldera. Three panels, oil on wood, each panel approximately 6 by 4 feet.

On planet Earth wet dreams of sexually frustrated men have falsified Lilith to be a beautiful woman's body (!) with a snake's end, dark wings and evil intentions towards human kind, like fucking "unwilling" men and robbing children. She is the one that gave Eve the apple of sin, (i.e. knowledge and wisdom) and thus doomed Human Kind to eternal, not erasable sin and damnation.

48. The Chaos Goddess

the Primordeal Soup, swamp, mud

dark emotions triggered off by hormones and/or low air pressure and/or the position of the moon

"The Goddess of a Girls Purse". She reigns when you can't put an order in your material possessions, no matter how hard you try. But, as Lilith Yggdrasil teaches: "Give praise to the chaos-goddess and forget about order. Be happy in your chaos because it is the order you need right now."

Third Set: Prayers

Prayer is the communication between Humans and the Higher Forces of Creation and with the members of the Spiritual Universe. In organized religion prayers adopt the style of chants and hymns to enable every participant to join unisono and thus magnify the energy of the communication.

In our private prayers we talk to Father God and Mother AboraMana like we talk to our most beloved parents; and to the other members of the Spiritual Universe we talk to like to our brothers and sisters and our most trusted friends.

In our prayers we never beg for something, because we live in abundance anyway, but we give Thanx in the same abundance.

49. Cleanse with Water

This is the proper place to admit that I'm not a friend of ceremonies and prayers because painting is prayer enough for me and I consider ceremonies as a waste of time. But this my strikly personal point of view. I honor and respect all ceremonies, no matter what creed celebrates them. The more colorful and elaborate they are, the more I enjoy them without feeling a great urge to take part.

Anyway, I drew these sketches during the Ceremony of Thanx for good harvest and good fishing in Lilith AboraMana's Cathedral in the autumn before I left home, and I observed very well Lilith Yggdrasil's half frown-half smile whe she observed me drawing.

50. Cleanse with Fire

51. Grace for the Flowers

House of Air

TempleDancer presenting flowers to the audience who send all their Thanx into them. Then they are offered to the Goddess and placed on Her altar.

In our culture flowers symbolize beauty, love, life, and arts. As the bread and the fish are the food for the material body so the flowers are the food for the emotional body.

Our Reigning Lilith teaches:

"Be very careful what you feed your emotional body with. If you feed it with emotions that are not love and beauty you'll poison it and you'll get mentally sick and that will destroy your material body."

52. Grace for our Food

House of Stone

TempleDancer presenting a loaf of bread and a fish to the audience who send all their thanks and gratitude into the bread and the fish, which then are offered to the Goddess and placed on Her altar.

53. Prayers Answered

House of AboraMana

This card is dedicated to a Hawai'ian man called Roots. He told me the Legend how the Goddess of Abundance riding on a blue turtle brought all the fruit and animals to the island of Kaua'i, and how the Humpbacks sing the Praise of the Goddess.

+ Source: Illustration to the Legend: "How Abundance Came to Our Island." The Book of Legends for Children.

The descending Goddess brings us our most important farm animals: the boar, the goat, and the chicken (see King of Deva) and all the plants we can use or just admire. The owl and the bats stand for the universe of animals outside of human use - why they are both animals of the night I don't know.

She represents the contents of the word SHARE, which is a Prayer of Thanx for the abundance of flowers and food we live in, shown on the material plane as: "Share, enjoy, there is enough for everyone", and it is given free without the exspecting that something has to come back, because here is abundance anyway.

Kapa'a Beach, Kaua'i

Fourth Set: The High Priestess

54. Our Lovly One

Honor your Children

Queen of TempleDancers

The Kindled Fire

House of Air


dance, learn and teach dance

+ Source: Drawn from memory after I left the island of Gea, because I couldn't take my DrawTools into the Temple. Men may enter only totally naked as they where born, excepting their charms and amulettes and their FlowerCrowns.

The card show the vault of the Mother's Temple in a night of full moon, with a "Lovly One" standing motionless on a platform in the middle of the hall to be admired by the visiting men. The Old Mothers (sort of priestess-rulers) told me, that a Lovly One is a young girl in training of dance and martial art to become a temple dancer, and that presenting herself in that form is part of the training. She wears the temple dancer's tattoo, which is given only when she commits herself to the order of the temple dancers - who are elite in the art.

55. The Bitch - Tantra

Honor your Spouse

The Wild Fire

House of Fire

learn and teach Tantra


Sacred prostitution - which is not prostitution because there is no money or anything else involved. It is part of the Tantra training. The Bitch teaches the man who calls for her the Tantra she has learned, or she refuses companionship. Within her self discipline she is free.

The unmarried women who want to do TempleService gather around sun-down at the stairs of AboraManas cathedrals. It is like a party and any unmarried man who seeks service can join and make contact. Bring a bottle of wine and some snacks. At the end the woman decides yes or no. They always go to the woman's place, the involvement is always for one night. For advanced students it is seven nights.

+ Source: Illustration in our Tantra theory book, chapter one: Love yourself and love your body as it is.

Song for Adam to listen to:

Adore her and let her be as she is,

Let her do as she does because she is doing her best.

You are not her teacher, you are not her leader.

If something on her disagrees with you

leave her but don't try to change her,

because she is doing her best anyway.

If she wants to go, let her go.

Thank her and cherish the memory.

56. The Mother

Honor your parents

House of AboraMana

Learn and teach the traditions, the rituals and ceremonies

SelfObservation, SelfRestriction

+ Source: Altar piece in the Great Mother temple on Gea. Translucent glass on a stand of clay inlaid with precious stones, ca. 15 inches high.

Images like that in all sizes and all materials you find everywhere, for sure in every temple or chapel. Kiddies have soft dolls in Her form, and in art class it is the first figure to be formed in clay.

Many artists of the stone age on planet Earth connected to that piece of art and copied it within the artistic freedom. The best known example is the Venus of Willendorf.

57. Lilith Yggdrasil

Honor the Old

Yggdrasil: lit.: Tree that Roots in the Earth and Carries the Sky

The Tamed Fire

House of Water

Judge - Decide - Command

Law and Law Enforcment

SelfEducation and Teaching Others

The Tyranny of the Mediocre

Lilith Yggdrasil wears the hood of a shamana symbolizing Lilith AboraMana, the Goddess of the Black Moon in the Elemental House of Water. The Black Moon symbolizes Intuitiv Womanly Wisdom - the snake whispering in Lilith's ear. The colors of the two FlowerLei around her neck show that she is honored and loved by men and women alike. She reads the scriptures explaining Philosopher's Stone and teaches the technologies you need to find it. On her gown she wears the zodiac sign of the LilithMoon - the tree of life growing out of the female spiral - as the sign that she speaks with AboraMana's Voice.

She is the one who has seen and done it all, but she seldom talks about it. She was a TempleDancer, she trained and taught Tantra, she worked in the fields and went out fishing, she bore and suckled children, so all her teachings are based on her own experiences. Among other women she was selected by the Old Lilith Yggdrasil to become her follower and she was trained by her and the members of the Great Counsil to become a Lilith. As she told me as I interviewed her she objected strongly to carry the burden of being a Lilith, but was overruled be her feelings of responsibility to our society. I know perfectly well what she meant, because she and the Tribun did the same with me when they recruited me for my current mission on planet Earth. They kept nagging and arguing and tapping my feelings of resonsibility until I had to agree with their argument that without our society I'm nothing and that I have to fulfill my responsibilities in spite of my own wishes.

+ Source: A cartoon I drew of Our Reigning Lilith Yggdrasil in full regalia during one of her lectures, to the great amusement of the whole population including the Old Lady herself.

To avoid confusion: "Lilith Yggdrasil", or short "Lilith" is not a name, but the title of the Chairwomen of our Great Council. The members of the Great Council are all the women of our city and, when they are in town, any woman from the Inner or Outer Islands, too, even if they are Barbarians and don't have the faintest idea about our system of government, which is Anarchy for All, combined with the Democracy of the Great Council, and Lilith's Benevolent Dictatorship. Her dictatorship consists of that in the end she decides about what has been found in the democratic process of the great council and the general consent of anarchy for all.

As the reigning High Priestess he also represents AboraMana in our life that pretty much centers on enjoying fun, and the most fun for us are our artistic and religious activities in honor of our beloved Goddess.

That means: We live in a feminine-dominated theocracy, centered around a Goddess, executed by Lilith Yggdrasil and the hard core of the Great Council. A very early Lilith Yggdrasil set the tone of government business for centuries to follow:




To avoid confusion:

The benevolent dictatorship of Lilith Yggdrasil is counterbalanced by the office of the Tribun as the Speaker of Men, who more often than not agrees with Lilith's decisions. He was the one who knocked down every objection I had at being recruited for this difficult mission on planet Earth, instead speaking for me against Lilith's demands.

58. The Ancestors

Honor Your Ancestors and the Work they gave you

The card also means: The work you pass on into the future of your family, your tribe, the whole population on planet Earth.

Listen, my Daughter, to voices whispering out of deep past:

We once had the power and life was a dream -

- until we enslaved those serving us willingly -

- until they revolted - and look at us now.

Listen , my daughter:

Regain the power that rightly is yours

but don't make our mistake.

The Set of the HighPriestess shows the Process of Aging of the Woman

and it also shows the femine Wheel of Live and Learning, when it is combined with the cards for Life and Death. (Men have a different Wheel.)

The Life of the Woman proceeds in six distinct steps:

1. Your Birth - your Life as a Child

2. Your First Blood - your Life as a Virgin - Our Lovly One

3. Your First Full Sexual Contact with a Man - your life as a sexually free Woman - The Bitch

4. Pregnancy and Giving Birth - your Life as Mother - The Mother

5. Your Last Blood - your Life as Elder and Teacher - Lilith Yggdrasil

6. Death - the Life of your Works that live on - the Ancestors

The card Ancestors between the cards of Life and Death as part of the Wheel shows you clearly that you will be reborn into a world that has been influenced - that means has been created - by you.

Old Teaching say that you have to Walk the Path between the steps to the fullest and when you then take the next step forced by the Powers of Nature, you will take the LifeEssence of the past step with you into the next step - and when you leave that step you take along two sets of essences and when you reach the step of your Death you will carry the Five Lives of the HighPriestess with you. The Teachings say that this is your duty for being a Woman and enjoying the privilege of having five lives.

Fifth Set: The Dancers

59. Dancer of Air


The more you love yourself the more you will love anything else

Live what you are, never stop learning to become what you can be

Learning from others by observing and asking

60. Dancer of Fire


Learning by experience

Self discipline means: Forcing yourself to do something although your body and your mind protest

Self discipline without self love makes you overly demanding of yourself and impatient towards others

Find your likes and dislikes, your abilities, your goals

61. Dancer of Water


SelfControl means SelfObservation and SelfSteering. This is a mental process and can be learned and trained.

Learning by reflecting. Evaluating the past experience by observing your emotions about it to find out what the question of the lesson was, since already you have the answer.

Self control without self love makes you uptight and hard towards others.

62. Dancer of Stone


Learning for the joy of learning, for the joy of growing mentally. Learning by walking the Path and knowing the Goal. Learning by teaching. Teaching makes you understand better what you know intuitively.

"The Path is the Goal" actually means: To find your personal path through life is your goal. Once you found your path you just walk it and then there is no goal anymore except to walk your path as fast and as far as you possibly can.

Before you came here you knew your path, but you decided to forget it, because finding your path again is part of You being a Human on planet Earth. You will know that you found your path when you see it is endless, filled self imposed problems and difficulties, which are the steps of your path

Self education without self love makes you narrow minded and intolerant.

63. Dancer for AboraMana

Original title: Mother Kaua'i

Uninhibited joy of life, love and beauty. Love not only in the spiritual and emotional sense but physical: Enjoying sex for the joy of sex.

She represents Life, Love, and Beauty, which do not need any interpretation or explanation, because every Human has a powerful matrix connected to it. She also represents the contents of the Hawai'ian word ALOHA, which is Sharing as a Prayer of Thanx for the abundance of of flowers and food we live in. Aloha has very little in common with what we call hospitality for strangers because of tradition, or nessessity, or morals.

I painted her purely for the joy of it; as a Prayer of Thanx for me as I am, being here where I live, doing what I was doing in perfect surroundings. While painting I did not know that she will be a very important Card of the Deck; I seriously thought the Deck was finished.

She is so young and beautiful because for every child Mother is the most Beautiful and I see me as her child.

The five golden flowers point to the parts of what you are - they are not chakren and they do not suggest an order of importance or value - the lowest flower, the orchid, is your Female EarthBody, the flower above is your Emotional Body. The sunflower in the middle are all your activated or not activated matrixes, as a part of your Mental Body. Then comes that part of your mental body that is your Analytical Understanding, and finally that part of You that is Aware, all of them having their male-parts. The white flowers behind her right ear tells everyone in the Language of Flowers that she is looking for a True Lover.

Eighth Plane

First Set: This is You

the Goddess loves you

you are one of Her most beautiful daughters

you are the center of Her universe

Her whole world revolves around you

you are the little girl

you are the lover, the mother, the wise old woman

and you are the Creator of the future

all this is you, no matter what you think of yourself.

64. This is you

On top of the card you find the Diamond of Total Truth to show you that you are a part of the Total Truth. The Diamond is surrounded by the empty space of creation, and by the rainbow of the spiritual universe. You, the Soul, are a highly honored Member of the Spiritual Universe. You are one facette of the Diamond and a hologram of the Hall of God. You are aware of yourself as an individual and you know that you are eternal. This is the real You, the Soul. Part of You is to be curious and to love to play games, and that brought you here.

The Rule of the Game you agreed upon before you came here is: When you live in a human body on planet Earth you will forget that you are You, a Soul. You will also forget your past. That is the Back-to-Zero or Open-new-Game effect. Goal of the game is to see the Total Truth, which is no more than to remember who you are. But this is something you forgot, too. To trigger off the search you become aware of the Death of your material body and the big question: And what happens then?

The hidden knowledge that you are a part of the Diamond and the imprinted, not yet activated Matrix of The Hall of God - make you to a magnet for esoteric - spiritual - religious experiences, which activate certain parts of your Matrix, which trigger off new questions about yourself, which the Diamond and the activated Matrix will answer by telling you who You are. Since the Total Truth is endless and since the Matrix - The Hall of God - as the first level under the Source is endless too, so the questions and answers will grow bigger in their scope and more interesting, but they will never end, and that is part of the fun.

Seeing The Total, All-Including Truth is called SATORI in Zen.

The Matrix is shown in the set The Hall of God. SERAPHA is to be aware of yourself and to employ the male part of your emotional body to think about your place in the Grand Scheme of Creation. CHERUBA means your ability to listen to the intuitive voice of the female part of your emotional body and feel what is right or wrong for you. LUCIFERA is the truth as you see it freely spoken, including your ability to actively listen to others, and including your ability to admit mistakes. GOD symbolizes the Higher Cause you engage yourself in when living on planet Earth. The Highest Cause always is: Go there yourself and see The Light. Which means: Find the answer to the question: Who are you? What is your place in the grand scheme? yourself; let nobody else answer the question for you. You walk along your Path to God or to Enlightment and pick every little bit of wisdom and knowledge you can find and prove to yourself whether it is good for you or not. If not you drop it with respect and keep what you need. Since all wisdom and all knowledge are part of the Total Truth they all lead you in the same direction.

The Diamond and the Matrix are implanted parts of every Human Soul and not to erase. How far the matrix is activated that it can do it's work depends on the depth and the persistence of your questioning yourself in search of the Total Truth.

The next plane is your mental universe. It shows the Scroll of Memories that runs back to your very beginning. You write into the scroll every second of your present time and you note how you value each incident on you own individual Scale of Values as it is valid at the time of the incident. Nothing that once is engraved on the Scroll can ever be erased, but you are free to re-evaluate and attach new values to every incident of your life in the past.

Another part of your mental body is the Book of the Rules you live by. You are the only one who is entitled to write in your Book of Rules, and you are entitled to re-write your rules as much as you want to. But as long as a rule is valid stick to it, and don't change rules in mid-game. Goal of the game is to find a set of rules you can stick to with greatest joy for the rest of your life.

The square surrounded by a circle is the male power inside the female power of your emotional body. That means: The female part is the receptor of beauty and harmonies and the source of gratitude, the male part is the source of order and mental discipline.

Below your mental universe lies the plane of your material body and all the material things you are responsible for.

The green aura surrounding the body symbolizes the Energy of Life that keeps your body ticking until it dies.

The spheres in the hands of the dancer show you that you are one link of the never-ending chain of taking and giving.

The scull shows that your material body one day will end existing as the whole material universe, shown by the stars, the clouds and the spiral the dancer stands in. With your material body your emotional body and your book of knowledge and rules will die, but the scroll of your memories will never die. You, the eternal individual soul, will continue to be a selfconscious part of the Absolute Truth. As long as You live in your material body you are bound to the material world with it's Laws of Physics and Biology and with it's built-in Dualism. It is self-destructive to strive for release from the material world to become free before your body actually dies. Equally self-destructive is the longing for the unification of Yin and Yang to overcome dualism, because instead of being either water or land it becomes mud. You are a full Woman and not half and half man - and Thanx to the Goddess for it.

You came here on your free own will, not as a reward, not as a punishment, not for so called carmic reasons, but because you wanted to be here as a Woman for the greater glory of Goddess and God, and you are the most beautiful expression of their Love for each other. So enjoy your life on the surface of planet Earth. Enjoy, dance, make your life a celebration of Life, Love, and Beauty and share your joy of life with everyone you meet, including cockroaches and sparrows.

+ Source: Part of my papers I had to do for my exam to become a "responsible adult male human being", and I assure you that I had to do it over and over again, until Lilith was satisfied with my understanding, because she claimed: "I don't care how good you draw. I care about WHAT you draw, because what you are able to draw you understand."

65. Your Leading Angel

Your Higher Self; Your Spiritual Leaders, or Masters, or Teachers

Through your Angels you are anchored in the Spiritual Universe

They are that part of You that stays in the Spiritual Universe, but it is easier and more fun to perceive them as seperate but identical twin-beings. There is only one problem: You can only imagine the Hall of God but cannot see it, and your twin can only imagine the Material Universe but cannot see it. She doesn't even know what your body looks like, but She is totally aware of your feelings about your body.

She tells you constantly about the Hall of God and the Total Truth and how She would react in your situation; and through you She experiences your Human emotions about yourself and how you feel about your acts within nature and society on planet Earth.

66. Your Guardian Angel

The Angel of Your Past. She is the Mirror, that reflects your deeds and your feelings about them. She is always a little later than you, like a mirror has first to see an image before it can reflect it.

She is also the guardian of your Self-awareness; She grows and becomes stronger with your growing self-awarenes.

Just imagine yourself being a stiff-necked, stiff-eared donky and your Leading Angel pulling in front and your Guardian Angel pushing from behind, and the Hosts of Heaven bursting with laughter because it is a very funny picture, indeed.

Mistake me not: That stiff neck and the stiff ears are your Honor as a Human Being. You have the right and the duty to excercise your free will, because Humans are the only beings in the whole cosmos that own free will and free decision - even your Angels are mirror-bound to you, you decide for them, but they can't decide for you. Without the quirks of Human free decision the cosmos would be a deadly boring place, and the Hosts of Heaven know it and because of that they love us so dearly.

Lilith Yggdrasil / Lectures / about Old and Young Souls

We teach that there is no such thing as Old or Young Souls, because a Soul - being a part of the Spiritual Universe - is as timeless as the Spiritual Universe self.


all Religions on planet Earth teach independently in one form or the other

> a Soul is an individual member and part of the Spirtual Universe

> a Soul is the creation of the Supreme Being in It's image

all religions without exception also postulate:

> the material universe is a creation of the spiritual universe/

a creation of god/

and thus secondary/

The Science of Physics teaches

> Time exists only in the material universe of

Space - Matter - Energy because

> when Matter driven by Energy moves through Space only then Time comes into Existence /

... which backtracking logically implies that a Soul - being a part of the spiritual universe and thus without matter - is timeless/

That means for Our teachings

> the concept of Soul in connection with the concept of old-young is a contradiction in itself because the idea of old-young is a comparison of two different beginnings along a TimeTrack

The expressions Old Soul or Young Soul probably express the idea

> some of our fellow human beings started the chain of incarnations on Planet Earth earlier /

... which means that their memories reach further back into the history of Human Kind - which makes them appear older/

> a Soul occupying a human body on the material plane who busies herself more with spiritual matters than with material matters also appears to be older in the sense of being wiser.

So We think it better Use of Language not to say old or young Soul but to say

> early or late incarnation into a human body on planet Earth, or

> spiritually advanced human

Since Timelessness contradicts the idea of a beginning it can't even be said that all Souls are of the same age /

> or as some scholars claim where created at the same moment and incarnated at the same time on different planets /

The only logical solution of this chain of thought is

> the Soul is eternal - without beginning, with no end - because she is timeless ...

... which the characteristic of the Supreme Being /

> all Souls together are the Supreme Being ...

... like the individual grains of sand that form an endless beach /

> each Soul is an individual hologram of the Supreme Being /

> all Souls together hold the spiritual part of the Total, All-Including Truth /

> each Soul is part of the Total Truth/

Second Set: The Game of Life

67. The Book of Rules

The Compass (up right): No matter which direction you travel, the needle of the compass always shows the shortest way to the Light. Whether you pay attention and follow the needle or not is your free decision. Free means: no fear of punishment, no hope of reward, only the consequences of your actions.

The Scale (up left): Never give what you do not want for yourself - only give what you want for yourself. The Scale and the Compass together are the symbol for your consciousness. (Gewissen: that what you are aware of being right or wrong). It has nothing to do with what somebody else told you of right and wrong. They symbolize your inborne, unalienable ability to see, understand, and define the difference of good and evil, right and wrong. With the scale your consciousness measures the values of what you actually have done on the material, human plane. The Book of Rules says: No matter what you do, you throw a weight into one of the bowls of the scale.

Time and Death (left): We are walking in an eternal present time against the unstoppable stream of time, which comes from the future towards us, and at the very end of your individual future as a human on planet Earth stands your Death. The Book of Rules says: Your time is limited! You don't know when your time ends. There is no goal to reach, except the goals you set yourself for yourself.

Except yourself there is no one entitled to judge your performance.

There is no reward or punishment for your decisions and actions.

The Spiral of Life (above center): The Book of Rules says: Move! No matter what you do, you move, either this way or that. It does not matter where on the spiral you stand at the moment, what matters is only the direction you move. When you move to the inside, you become smaller until you drop into the Black Hole of Time. (This is not a punishment, it is the natural consequence of your move in that direction.) When you move outside you grow big and keep growing endlessly and the clearer you will see the Light. The compass and the scale let you know the direction you are heading.

+ In the hollow of the spiral you find ten red fields. The symbolize the most important emotional levels of a human being: Apathy, sorrow, anger, hidden animosity, open rage, boredom, interest, enthusiasm, action, (Thanks to L. Ron Hubbard).

Decisions (below center): Making a decision is an analytical process influenced by the emotional body and by your scroll of memories. Deciding is a mental act, which comes first, followed by acting on the material level. Making decisions includes the ability to see the consequences of that decision as far as possible in the future, as shown in the black and white squares. Consequence: that what naturally follows every act through the Law of Life.

The Book of Rules says:

When you go there you can't go here. Which means: The whole future of the NO-decision has disappeared in the black hole of time. And it means: You have to carry every consequence of your I-go-there-decision, whether you like it or not.

The game of chess and the game of pool teach you to see consequences. They also teach you the male virtue to place your piece to your own advantage (which is cool) and to the dis-advantage of your opponent (ask her about it).

68. The Emotional Body

Praise, motivated by gratitude

Awareness of beauty and harmonies in nature and art

The source of the joy of life

Wanting to share

On the top of the card stands the Diamond of Total Truth surrounded by the spiritual universe. At the very bottom lies the world of matter and time. Both are separated by the Blue Veil of Illusions. Time is shown by the red squares and the clock. Some of the squares are broken up to show the times when you are in stress and under pressure. The clock of gold and diamonds shows that you cannot compensate your slavery to time by giving an irrational amount of energy for the symbol of your slavery.

Out of the chaotic matter with the red flames of anger, fight, and unhappiness grows a simple flower, to remind you that the beauty of AboraMana's children can be found in the very simple things. Behind the flower is a fence. Fences and walls are the symbol for fear: Fear that something will enter the space you fenced in, or fear that something will break out that you want to keep in.

To rise above the level of the chaotic matter you might find yourself in, you have to employ the self discipline of the male part of your emotional body, shown by the circle with the black rim, and give praise. To start the process you might have to ritualize your daily Prayer of Praise until it continues on its own energy. Praise the flower, praise the child, your man, the cloud or whatever you find, and do not forget to praise yourself and your own creations.

While doing that you'll find, that the thing you praise will fill you with gratitude, which feeds the female part of your emotional body, shown by the circle with the white rim, which in turn naturally praises what fills her with gratitude. Praise is a natural expression of the joy of life and the greatest joy of life is gratitude for being alive and being able to enjoy the beauty of God's and AboraMana's creation.

The longer you do that, the closer together the male and the female parts of your emotional body move until they intersect. You become whole. Out of the intersection rises love, the circle with the red rim. Love will enable you to see through the veil and catch a glimpse of the Total Truth. The higher above the material level your understanding, your gratitude and your love rise, the thinner the veil becomes and the clearer and more complex your perception of the Total Truth becomes.

69. Communication

The Mental Body

Logical chains of thought exchanged to either solve a problem or to inform each other about one's Private Window.

It also means: To understand the difference between Abbadam's, AboraMana's and Human Creation.

Within the Universe of Human Creation it means to understand the difference of creations of art and all other creations

Here we have a round table with a problem lying on top of it. Four persons - the golden globes - are gathered around it intending to solve that problem. The table is round to show that there is no chairperson, no teacher, no leader, no one with the open or hidden intend to dominate the scene.

The symbols of the four Elemental Houses in the corners of the card suggest that the four persons are four distinct different individuals, with their different gender, backgrounds, and believes, but equal in their intend to solve the problem.

The red square in the green circle symbolize the women, the green circle in the red square symbolize the men. Those two different images also symbolize the emotional bodies of women and men. The emotional bodies of the four persons are connected with each other, but they have no influence on the solving of the problem. That is why they are not connected to the golden globes.

The emotional bodies of the same sex are connected by a double string to show that they understand each other a little better than the members of the opposite sex.

The big heptagon is the Diamond of Total Truth. The splinters on the table need to be formed into the small heptagon of that part of the total truth, all four persons can agree upon.

Communication is only possible between persons who consider each other as equal.

Cutting communication is the last resort of someone who must be right, no matter how wrong she is.

+ Source: Decoration of a round table in Lilith Yggdrasil's Office, painted by the author as a birthday present for our most beloved Chairwoman.

70. The Longhouse

Communal Affairs

Pictogramm for House, or Government

It shows a house on stilts, because the people who invented the pictogramm live close to the ocean with heavy tidal waves. The house is divided into two equal parts by the mainbeam that carries the roof with the symbol of the Black Moon. The left side of the house belongs to the men, as indicated by Mars above their part of the roof; the right side belongs to the women, their star is Venus. The circle under the house is the Fire where people gather around to talk about communal matters, again clearly divided into female and male matters.

For example:

Education, Health and Taking Care of the Land are entirly womanly matters; no man can be a teacher or a medicinal doctor, except be a medical doctor for the Genitals of Men.

The land is owned by the commune and is worked by the commune and it feeds the commune, there is no room for private-property-thinking. Naturally men are asked their opinion about educational or medinal matters, but the final decision what to do or what not to do is woman's decision, and men have to apply all their abilities to make woman's decision real.

Plowing the fields, maintaining the ditches, the canals and the roads is clearly men's work, planting is woman's work, and weeding is done by the children under the supervion of their teachers. And the great time of harvest is celebrated by all of them.

The Scientists in the SearchAndDiscovery-Center on the other side of the harbor are mostly men - the few women who work there can't vote in the Great Council, because they are considered as being prejudiced in favor of their own cause.

Third Set: Who are you? Define Yourself!

This is the area of your personal awareness and knowledge of yourself as an individual. It is presented to you in the male black-white-decision, yes-no-system instead of the female soft-shades-gray-between-black-white-scale, because this way the questions are easier to understand. To know which end of the scale you chronically tend is one way of knowing yourself by defining yourself.

There are many more of this kind of questions. The ones presented here serve only to trigger off finding and asking those questions yourself during the process of learning to know yourself.

+ Source: In the more hidden part of our Central Library I found a book with 2856 of those questions, collected by a scholar of ancient times. In his foreword he wrote that he collected the questions for the fun of it, but the book should be kept secret because:" Fnding the questions yourself is part of becoming self aware."

So, for the sake of the game: Decide, knowing that the decision is valid only for now.

+ The cards SERAPHA and CHERUBA belong not only to set "The Hall of God" but also into this set, asking: Is your attention more on looking or more on listening;

+ and you can also use the Devi and Deva to help you define the sexual part of You.

71. The Naked Truth

This Card represents the Japanese Zen principle of clarity, simplicity, honesty in material, tools and methods. No fringe, no frills. Decor only where it makes sense and never for it's own sake.

"Our Mother Goda Eva" is the title of the Mythological First Woman, in short Eva. Goda means Daughter-of-Goddess, Eva is Jewish and means simply Woman.

She rises out of the male triangle like out of a green house filled with minerals, liquids, gases, and, to make it interacting, light and heat. This shows planet Earth as a closed system of physics with limited resources in which roots the biological life on the planet and thus we, you and I.

Eva is surrounded by the green aura of the Energy of Life which is shown by the green AboraMana, the Horned Goddess, who shines green through the blue body of Eva.

Behind the Horned Goddess lies the male triangle as symbol of the creator of physics, which resonates with the lower triangle and behind that the Diamond of Total Truth.

The Goddess - through Eva - holds the Mirror of Self Knowledge and the apple of "Try-It-Yourself", which means:

Believe nobody, question everything. Go there yourself and experience. Decide and act according to your experience and decisions.

The cloak around AboraMana's and Eva's shoulder is the rainbow God dedicated to his MostBeloved "with a Speciall Thanx for the songs your children dedicated to me", as the Legend tells.

+ Source: The card shows a stained glass window in a church for AboraMana in the main village on the north western tip of the island, in the flatlands or lower farmlands as we call this area. Each square of the background is about one square foot. It was dedicated to the temple by a man called Carlos, the owner of the Fisherman's Sinkhole, a cave under the Lighthouse Rock in AtlantaCaldera he runs as a bar catering mostly to barbarian sailors.

72. The Veil of Maya

the half hidden, the charming

the make-believe, the little lies (fashion)

self-deception, living by the lies about yourself

living by the rules of others

accepting yourself as being a victim of the opinions someone else might have about you

shame disguised as modesty

endless greedy, never being satisfied on the material level

Why, my daughter, are you so unhappy with the body I gave you?

Who made you so blind that you can't see how beautiful I made you?

Don't you understand that you criticise Me every time you try to improve the appearance of your body?

Remedy: Avoid looking into mirrors.

+ Source: Costum and mask design for the carnival in honor of AboraMana depicting Vanity.

73. Feathers

Be what you are and become what you can be

You need to swim against the stream, if you want to drink clear water.

The restless wanderer, with the meaning: Not all who wander are lost. Some drift, some search, but all are on a one-way-ticket.

Living in the present on a day-to-day basis. Living on and with the minimum. Never being satisfied on the mental and spiritual level and the own abilities. Pretty careless about appearances, but perfectionist in all things concerning the Self and the Burden, (see below).

Wanderers resonate with the elemental Houses of Air and Water, their sign is the Mobile hanging on the left side. It shows the ever moving outside-world swinging around a clearly defined Self and a stable inside-world. On the left side in the poach you have the Burden you carry through your life as a wanderer, on the right side are your boots ready for you to step in. The Burden symbolizes the specific path through your life you have chosen to grow with spiritually, mentally, and, if possible, materially till End of Game. In the right frame of the door sticks a photo of your most Beloved to remind you that you can't even take that when you go wandering because it ties part of your attention into the past instead of letting it free for the present and future. The wandering life is a pilgrimage to a goal as you define it for yourself, shown by female-open shell of the medieval pilgrim's route to Santiago de Compostela in Northern Spain. The shell carries the sign of Venus, because you are a woman. Your lighthouse to the goal is Mars (at the very top), the symbol of your search is the Red Flower, both symbolizing a male energy pulling you along your pathway.

(Wandering males carry a closed shell with the red sign of Mars. Their flower of search is blue, and their lighthouse to the goal is Venus.) The Red Flower is also the Holy Grail you polished yourself to become and to be. It will be filled with what you were searching for, which is: to see the Total Truth, shown behind Mars.

Action for the benefit of Higher Self (Soul).

+ Source: Tani San's House, Kyoto, Japan, winter 1972/73.

74. Roots

The Gardener, the Local

Action for the benefit of the whole community

The card shows a shamana ceremony during the planting of the first taro root. She gathers energy of life from AboraMana's unlimited source, filters it through her body, and stores it in the mother plant. At the same time she releases her water into the mudhole she dug for the root to complete the cycle of taking and giving.

This card is dedicated to a Hawai'ian man called Roots, because he plants coconut and other fruit trees all over the island and because his life is gratitude and sharing.

75. TreeDweller


games played in your mind

Daydreaming is one of the most precious abilities of a human being because it taps directly into the sphere of creativity that lies around the Diamond of Total Truth. It is an ability that can be learned or re-learned and should be trained carefully. Daydreams are the basics of all arts. Controlled daydreaming trains the ability to see a film, to visualize a painting, to tell a story, to hear a song. It is the sphere where you are totally unlimited and free to dream up whatever you want, where you are closest to the powers of creativity, where you are in total control of everything that happens, where you are truly the Allmighty Goddess of your spiritual and mental world.

76. CaveDweller

Daydreaming in it's negative aspect is escaping reality. Reading books or watching TV not to learn something new or to enjoy art in literature or films, for excample.

+ Source: The cave I used as a Studio on La Palma Island. This is where the channeling of the Goddess began.

77. Sola LilithWisdom

Day, Sun, Male, Gold, Fire

Liberty of Thinking

Clarity, Honesty, Industry

CityLife, the universe created by Humans: culture, civilisation, and technology


Waste nothing, share everything, plant taro, praise the Goddess, and we all will live in abundance.

TARO stands here for human business to assure survival.

She pairs with NIGHT and asks: Are you a day-person?

78. Moona LilithPeace

Night, Moon, Female, Silver, Water

Country life, nature, the universe created by God and Goddess

Liberty of Emotions, i.e.: not stuck in one emotion but free floating as the acute situation demands

Free of fears; free of inhibitions

Compassion, Exstasy

She pairs with DAY and asks: Are you a night-person?

As I was digging in the dusty corners of our Central Library in search of old cards for the Deck I found a piece of vellum covered with our ancient script. Obviously it is a record of government-policy of an early Lilith Yggdrasil:

LilithPeace will reign when every woman can dance, naked if she wants to, in the darkest parks of our world without risking to be molested by a man,

when every girl can travel freely and without fear to the remotest corners of our planet, and everyone will help her along to the goal,

when we do not need locks or walls anymore to protect our honest property because we have learned not to take what is not ours, and because we have learned to share.

I know that this is possible, I know that Humans are able to do it. They know the difference between Good and Evil, they have the sacred gift of Free Decision, they are the Most Beloved Children of Creation, there is no Evil in them unless it is put there by another human.

End of Game

79. Eternity

The movements of sun and moon, and the cycle of life and death define our concept of time and eternity.

Eternity and Infinity are primary parts of the Absolute. That is why we really cannot understand them.

We consider Infinity as analytical male understanding, connected to the universe of physics referring to distance and number, and the concept of Eternity as emotional female understanding connected to the biological universe referring to time.

The card does not only show the Hall of God (the universe of physics) as symbol for Infinity, but also flowers, palms, and a broaching Humpback Whale (the universe of biology) as Symbol for Eternity, who carry the drive for Endlessness not as individuals, but as part of the chain of life of the species.

You are part of Eternity - not you as a material woman, who one day will die, but you as part of the chain that receives and passes on not only the Spark of Life for Human Kind but also the codes of human behavior. Large parts of what today we call civilisation is the influence of women upon men. The time of the Troubadors women dictated men's grooming, clothing, manners, education and skills in music, dancing and poetry - for truly the objective better of all involved. So please be very careful about what you pass on into the future, into what for us is Eternity.

+ Source: The Hall of God as seen from planet Earth on the beach of Kapa'a, Kaua'i, looking south

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